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  1. The ongoing code work on this game is giving me hope. You sneaky Double Fine devs are working on something, aren't you! It is Iron Brigade 2? Is it the long-desired additional DLC? Double Finers: A DLC with all the requests repeated in here (make all levels available as Survival Mode, some more replay value for the hardcore gamers who love this game so much) would be rad. Do it! Come on, you can whack that together in a weekend! Another campaign would be so exciting as well. I love the idea posted on here about an underwater level and the idea about a WWII timeline. Also, a jungle scenario reminiscent of Vietnam would be boss also. Flame weapons! Giant Crossbows/flechette gun! Cranking giant melee weapons! A huge machete, imagine that. Or a monstrous big axe. So many possibilities.
  2. *** Twiddles thumbs *** Two weeks from today! Oh, to be a fly on the wall inside the Double Fine house of imagination. Greg: * sweeps papers off desk* Lets do something new. I've got it, we bring to life a vivid steampunk interpretation of the lives and careers of Franz Ferdinand, in anime style, with like realtime music composing showdowns powered by fight-game combos! Tim: Hey Justin, can we get the rights to Day of the Tentacle? We can bring that back in glorious 3D. Three Dees! Oliver: I CAN NOT BELIEVE how crazy hard it is to solve these bugs on Vita. NO! WHAT!!! Can we just ship the game with some, like static character art instead of all these animations? No? Okay, nobody talk to me until Wednesday. I am going to need another 20 coffees. Justin: (on phone) ... yeah, so you know, there's really not much of a strategic play in this thing any more for you guys. Of course! We can offer you a 90-10 split in revenue. Our way. Totes. It'll really be your "day" of you getting your "tentacles" into our revenue pie! You know what I'm saying? Brad: "Caberjack" meets "Hipsterjack". Hmm. *strokes chin* What would those gnarly imaginary dudes get up to? Well you know we've talked about it, and I have these five rad scenarios... Levi: Dude I am rocking these new sketches for the Full Throttle reboot! Rage, you wonderful biker monsters. RAGE! Anna: Activision wants to publish Dear Leader for Xbox One? Er, like, I hope they will let us complete it with the themes and ideas that we originally intended. You remember it is a turn-based political strategy game set in 20th century USSR. They want what? A first person shooter set in the Euromaidan? I am really not too sure if I am cool with that! Lee: I feel like your "Island" could use a little more "Monkey" in it, if you know what I mean? Let's get really simian with this thing. So, for all of these clouds in your background? They can have a monkey-like feel to them. Little round ears. And these lamp-posts? Bananas. We're bringing Monkey back.
  3. Yes -- this must be on the minds of a lot of backers. Having seen such a fantastic documentary series unfold, what is next for Two Player Productions? Will they carry on documenting events with the plucky Double Fine Fellowship of the Ring, or will they find another Notch to point their talented cameras and skills toward? Will our tiny, precious window into the charmed world of Double Fine suddenly slam shut? 2 Player dudes -- don't keep us in the dark when you complete the last episode of this series. Let us know what the future holds!
  4. Also: Ben Peck: "Are you getting this? This is good shit." Deadpan. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! So funny. :-D
  5. Hoooraaaaaayyyyy! We are all getting so familiar with the Double Finers and their office, dramas and hopes and dreams, that it sometimes feels like we work there, or at least have spent a lot of time at the Double Fine studio hanging out. Man, I feel like I have missed all my friends at Double Fine.
  6. Word. Word word word. Stop it with the "consumerising". Give us the dark edge of madness unleashed in videogame puzzle form! And an oracle who will give you clues if you ask for them.
  7. "Batman", indeed! Eejit! ;-) I was actually hoping this would be a full walkthrough. I spent far too long wandering back and forth between rooms trying to find anything new to use after the first couple of interactions. EDIT: there's a walkthrough here:
  8. The office is essentially one huge corridor. The only people in the main space with actual enclosed offices are Tim, Justin Bailey, and Isa, and 2 Player shares one room. There's also a dedicated separate space for the audio guys. Everyone else has a desk on the floor in the main DF space. About 2PP, (hogging an office!) I might imagine that they are on the Double Fine payroll at this stage? Pretty sure the funds for their documentary raised by the Kickstarter would be running a little dry by now, two years later? (or does it actually scale as a proportion of the backer amount?) I wouldn't want those fellows living on ramen while they are creating this compelling and historic reality TV series chronicling the plucky undertakings of the The Finest Video Games Company in The World. I hope we might see 2PP hanging around at least for the rest of this year. I guess we already know that they are at least staying to cover Amnesia Fortnight 2014, then Part two of Broken Age development, and then they can segue smoothly into coverage of Massive Chalice (is that coverage actually going to be in parallel?). Maybe they can turn their lenses to some of the SpaceBase DF9 creation process? Hopefully the goings on at Double Fine will be enough to feed their cameras and demand the undivided attention of their remarkable talent.
  9. I love the themes in this episode about getting the company free. Initially it was "Free From The Publisher A55holes", but now we seem to be hinting at a deeper kind of freedom. More like "Free from everyday budgetary concerns that hound most creative businesses", or "Free to innovate wildly and boldly, to forge entertainment unrestrained and naked, in a dazzling, meteoric outburst of raw, authentic inspiration'. Seconding the poster who complimented Justin's abilities, god damn that guy is such a 5-star contribution to the company. Someone asked was Greg Kasavin (Ex GameSpot journalist, writer on indie game "Bastion") an early reviewer of Broken Age? Definitely. He's in the credits as a tester. Finally, my kids were so excited to see my name in the credits roll when we finished the game. One of them wasn't born when I backed it.
  10. I am just "Soaking up the Grandeur" over here. Man, where to start. The EPIC THEMES! Tim, you marvellous creative gentleman. You have delivered us this Star-Warsian masterpiece filled with the energy and potential of youth, facing fear, darkness, and grand dramatic challenges! Oh man. The whole fucking thing came together, dude. This is a totally legit, bona-fide new golden entry in the Schaefer adventure game canon and I am so glad I got this first-class front-row seat to watch it all happen. Congratulations, man. It's been real. That HUMOUR! Grandpa accepting the cupcake! The sass-talking utensils! The actual post-ironic Lumberjack Hipster! (YESS!!! I actually cheered when he came onto the screen. Waxing lyrical about things he used to like, but doesn't anymore, owning weird stuff, and super-specific tiny criticisms of things... so good. Thanks for keeping Curtis HIPSTERJACK in the game, he was awesome. And the Dialogue Tree. Also great.) That PAINTERLY ART! Bagelmeister and Lee, you did it dudes. Just from the first moments of that title screen, you immediately know that this is some kind of fantastical magnum opus, like it just utterly demands your full attention, so you can wring every single iota of enjoyment out of the process of immersing yourself in these amazing worlds. It's like lowering yourself into a hot steamy bath bedecked with a mesmerising moving rainbow gallery of hot oils and canvas. But in a good way. Every screen. Every scene. Each character. The magic. The BAD-ASSED PARALLAX! Stellar job, Lee. I loved that parallax foreground-to-background uber transition you have going on. I still vividly remember the early After Effects demo that you shared here in the forums, thinking that it was an ingenious philosophy and wild idea for transitioning around, but sock my jocks, it really turned out so natural and seamless. In fact I had a weird kind of "3D belief" going on while playing through the environments, they were that well integrated. I never once had the feeling that they were actually flat. But, like, they are. You know what I'm saying? I completely related to them as though they were a 3D space, and I'm sure this is due to the hectic transitions. That ENGINE! Massive hat tip here to Oliver Franzke. Boy, it really shines. There are so many super-subtle high tech effects going on, but handled so tastefully and with such decisive judgement to retain the essential appeal and tones of the painterly style. And it runs super smoothly. Like olive oil blended with hot butter. Great stuff. And you have somehow fitted this thing into mobile devices. This is like cramming a gas-giant into a macchiato glass. HOW?!?!?!! I mean, I watched your presentation, I heard the words, I saw the demos, I believe you have done it... but it still seems impossible to me. HOW?!?!?! In fact beyond tipping my hat, I have thrown it on the ground, and now I am vigorously stamping on the felt! HOW!-HOW!-HOW! And about that, a prediction: I bet you this thing will EXPLODE on the app stores. Can you even think of anything anywhere near as inspired, polished and gut-bustingly good as this on those otherwise miserable shopping trolleys of trash? It will easily be the best thing out there. I daresay that on PC, we are seeing barely the tip of the iceberg in terms of the millions of people that are going to get such enjoyment out of out this game on all the other platforms. That MUSIC! It was of course tremendous watching the creative process in the documentary with Peter McConnell and the orchestra recordings. But wow. The score is so emotive, and artful, and majestic. Bravo. Props to Greg also, for keeping the whole disintegrating rocket stack assembled in flight, using sticky tape and prayers. Not to leave out everyone else, you all did good as well. ;-) Seriously, any one of you fantastic professionals who worked on this, you should all really take pride in what you have created here. You will look back on this time with wonder in the years to come, and it will make you want to cry.
  11. Phil Fish was DJ at Double Fine's Day of the Devs, and FEZ 2 is cancelled, which would seem to leave an opening for Renaud to collaborate with Double Fine, but... no. I don't believe it is him.
  12. Levi: "That's what they'll play when we get Game of the Year!" Fucking A, man.
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