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  1. Is this update supposed to fix the meteorite research achievement? If so, how do I unlock it if I've already researched the ones in the shop? Are there others to obtain beyond that?
  2. For Psychonauts, I just adjusted the date of my computer to unlock the Christmas achievement (I did it in May). Presumably that's not the issue with Costume Quest as it sounds more like a bug.
  3. I think I was one of the people with you in that game. Thanks for helping me get the final achievement I needed. At this stage, I'm just glad I was able to get all the XBL achievements unlocked. I hope DF can sort something out and get Steamworks support into IB PC. It would be such a shame for the game to just disappear as it's so awesome.
  4. Hooray! Grabbed the MMoJ soundtrack as it's the only one I was missing.
  5. I get the impression the game might be better for an phone screen rather than a tablet. As you say, I'll find out in a week. I assume the iOS version has iCloud support (given that MMoJ does)?
  6. To be fair, it did always say "iOS", so I took that to mean it be playable on either the iPhone or iPad. Which iOS devices does it support, Patrick? I also watched some of the SlideToPlay stream earlier and it's looking very nice indeed. Curious to see the GC achievement list now.
  7. Well, they took their sweet time about it but they finally officially announced stuff: http://www.doublefine.com/news/comments/dropchord_now_available_for_leap_ios_android_ouya_coming_soon/ Looks like I'll have to wait another week for the iOS release. Looking forward to seeing the Game Center achievement list (which I was assured it has). Fingers crossed it won't derail my "Complete all Double Fine games on at least one platform in 2013" plan by being too difficult.
  8. You could have posted this question in the other thread you created about future DLC, since it's technically a related question. As for an Xbox One version... well, I'd never say never but I guess the answer is likely to be a resounding, "No".
  9. I think it's fair to say that the Martian Bear is all we'll get for DLC, as this is a Microsoft-owned IP and I guess they have the final say on this.
  10. Yeah, Double Fine confirmed to me on Twitter that it's Air Space/Leap Motion only as far as PC/Mac goes, so I'll definitely be going for the iOS version on Thursday. Just checked and they don't appear to have a Bandcamp page either.
  11. I completed the punching mini game a few days ago (netting the I LOVE PUNCHING! achievement in the process), with Raz at rank 85 on the PC (Steam version). It's tough but by all means doable.
  12. This is what I've asked above. It's not known at the moment whether the game will be available from places other than Air Space but if it was released on, say, Steam that would indicate that it's playable without using Leap Motion. Since it's coming to Ouya and the main control input for that is a regular gamepad, then I guess it may well be. It would seem a bit silly to restrict how it can be played on a PC/Mac.
  13. I can't say for certain but I'd imagine the answer to that is "No". So, I guess you either play it with the touchpad or the thumbsticks on the Ouya controller? If it's the latter, then does that mean we'll also seeing Dropchord released on other PC game digital distribution platforms such as Steam? And will that version also work with the Leap Motion?
  14. I've had further clarification from Patrick about the release on iOS. It will actually be out on the 25th, as Thursday is the usual day for game releases on the App Store. I'll have to assume that the Android version will be at roughly the same time. Still, at least it's out next week on stores other than Airspace (no idea about the Ouya though).
  15. Yeah, I've just seen the updated trailer and was coming here to post that. I actually asked Patrick on Twitter the other day when the iOS version (which is the one I'm mainly interested in) was coming out and he told me it would be next week (22nd was the quoted day), which is great news as far as I'm concerned. Also just checked iTunes and the soundtrack is also available there too.
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