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  1. Milgrim Official Thread

    Thanks for your support, everyone! Milgrim, isn't going to be made right now, but who knows what's possible in the future. If you're still interested in playing it someday, go vote for it in this thread: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/7974/
  2. Milgrim Official Thread

    I love this idea, I had something in mind that sounds similar to what you're describing. I was thinking that in addition to building things which cost money, there would also occasionally be power-ups with a negative cost. By choosing one of them, you'd have some extra money to build traps with, but then said power-up would be placed into the level (by the computer, to make sure it goes somewhere useful) right before the level start. There would also be some levels that have power-ups already built in before you start, and trying to keep the little men away from them would be part of the challenge.
  3. Milgrim Official Thread

    HELLO EVERYONE! Thanks for your reactions and feedback. I wanted to take a moment to address some specific comments. Yes! I was going to post this video here, but you beat me to it. This is an excellent visual, for my version, I'd simply have a very short delay (milliseconds) between introducing each new hero, so they wouldn't all stack up in exactly the same spot, and fan out a bit more. I am VERY MUCH into this idea. But for the two weeks of development for an Amnesia Fortnight project, I really need to focus on the core gameplay, which is building levels for AI opponents. That will be tricky enough on its own, but it offers two big advantages: 1. AIs can be dumb. Because they're dumb, you can throw a lot more of them at the player. This makes for a nice visual, and yet the levels don't have to be as finely-tuned as they would for a real human opponent. 2. A one player game is a more manageable scope. Simpler UI, no network code, that kind of stuff. It would definitely be a fun way to expand the game to include multiplayer features after the prototyping stage. I always envisioned Milgrim as game for tablets and smartphones, as they provide a great physical interface for building the levels. But I would love it if there was a version for consoles or PCs which was meant to be played with a controller where you actually got to play the levels made by the other half. It would be a great way to bring together touch screen and console gamers, with a game that was suited to the hardware of both. As Bent mentioned, this would probably work well on the Wii U. Hmm… and Nintendo is the company that owns Mario. Nintendo! If you're reading this, get in touch. Yeah, definitely reminiscent, as much as I can be without being sued. Mario is a game with a very distinctive look, and it's something that many non-gamers recognize. So when I show the game, but explain that you're the bad guy and you build the levels, I think most people will grasp the concept pretty quickly. It's also a great setup for telling that particular story from the other side. After all, the bad guy isn't the bad guy from his perspective. He's just trying to run a kingdom. And along come all these little hooligans, stomping on his friends, smashing bricks with their heads, and ruining the vegetation. The princess could be hanging out with him by her own free will. Maybe she doesn't want to be saved! If you're up for sharing, I'd love to hear more about it! Feel free to post here or email me at joek@doublefine.com. If this pitch becomes a reality, your experience could be really helpful. This is definitely a big issue, and a tricky one to solve. If you look carefully at the animation I created for my 30 second pitch, you can see that when you're dropping pieces into the world, they are surrounded by a certain amount of dead space where nothing else can be built. The pit, for example, has an area above and around it where other things can't be built. In theory, this would mean you couldn't simply build a wall on the opposite side of the pit, forcing all your opponents to fall in when they tried to jump across it. While this isn't a perfect solution, it's a start. Thanks for your support and enthusiasm, everyone! I'll keep checking in here, keep posting any other questions or ideas you may have. You can also tweet them to me @codeloss.