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  1. Just wanted to add my two cents to the by-now-overflowing pile: Loved the game. I can see why some backers were disappointed - the backed an old-school adventure and got something more streamlined - but I loved every moment of it. I especially loved the characters, voice work, art style and writing. The music was absolutely great. Also felt the puzzles were too easy, but I did get stuck a few times. I think I would have felt a little more satisfied if there were more items populating the world, so that the puzzle spaces felt denser. But on a moment-to-moment level, it was hard not to play through this without a big smile on my face. I thought it was important to add my impressions, since the first posts I saw on this forum were "I want a refund", "I hope the documentary will explain some negative things" and "Extremely disappointed". I want to be clear: my reaction to the game was the exact opposite. I doubted whether the end result of this whole controversy would be worth it, but Tim Schafer and co really did a great job in my opinion.
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