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  1. Release Date for Consoles: Tuesday, October 28th

    Hey, thanks for the info, Double Fine peeps. I'm a little worried that our exciting Halloween plans are up in the air right now, but I can't imagine being in your shoes, waiting for certification before releasing a Halloween-themed game this late in October... Ugh... Anyway, here's to hoping everything works out for all of us!
  2. Original post: I see this is coming out this Tuesday on Steam. What about consoles? My son and I are planning on playing this on the ol' PS4 come Halloween. Certainly it will release before then, right? Just saw that this comes out this coming Tuesday on consoles and thought I'd update the thread. Here's the announcement link: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2014/10/24/costume-quest-2-out-1028-on-ps4-ps3/
  3. All start with an "A"... :] He's got you there.