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  1. Hah, finally completed the game last night (left it for ages because of the Ophelia battle which I kept losing spectacularly and then gave it one more go last night and 101% Brütalised it) and I was going to contribute "The Horseman" but then Tim came in. THANKS TIM WAY TO NAME YOUR OWN GAME CHARACTERS GOD.
  2. This is just a preliminary character design. I say design, it's me (except I'm not that blocky irl) so really by design I mean "got dressed that morning".
  3. This is a really important point. Community input is one thing, but remember we all paid for Double Fine Adventure. I want a game out of Tim's brain made by his team how they see fit, with user input where they see fit. I'm actually trusting that their will be a judicious amount of ignoring us (including me) on their part because we are not all privy to the bigger picture nor are we all professionals. Just as a suggestion to those who REALLY want to have LOADS of input - that's a good thing and a creative thing. Perhaps think about how you could go about making your own game how you want it!
  4. Dude, I loved Hobo Lobo! Good work! Thanks! I hope you will continue to love it as I continue to (painfully slowly) work on it—what with it not being done and all… :-P If you made a point and click adventure and then published it on Steam, I'd pay for it... Just sayin'.
  5. Yeah, see the clue system in Machinarium - in-game hints using a minigame. Although I've promised myself that I won't look up any hints at all. I'm determined to beat DFA on my own. After all, half of the fun of a game is how you play it.
  6. Or you could exercise some self control Just sayin.
  7. I think you've hit the nail on the head here, especially with the first point. Guybrush is just annoying in 4. Pushover characters are just not fun. I think the lack of darkness or danger stemmed a little from the fact that the real encroaching threat was the commercialization of what was a dangerous and fun world, and to be honest I think that is a little too close to the bone. I like the immersive escapism of adventure games, and being immersed in something that is such an unabashed metaphor of high-street trend is frankly just depressing. Especially when you're doing it off the back of the GRIME engine which was good when it was released but was too old by the time they used it for MI4. I've always thought of the Monkey Island games as a game and its one sequel, and stopped at that though, so perhaps I'm not really the target audience. I think after 2, they're a little bit like (I'm so going to get flamed for this) the Star Wars prequels. I'm almost surprised that in SE they didn't make Greedo shoot first.
  8. We spend as much time as we can on tools, but it's never enough. On BL we spent quite a lot of early time on tools since we were building everything from scratch. When we split into the original four AF teams, we were spread really thin and spent relatively little time on tools (pretty much just what programmers could sneak in). Since then we've been able to carve out more time for regular tools updates, and as Oliver said a significant chunk of DFA's pre-production programming will be on a good editing framework For C++ we mostly use Visual Studio for C++ (though some use emacs or vi for the text entry bit). For Lua we use Decoda or a text editor of choice. Many folks like things like SciTE, Crimson, etc. For games level editing, it's all custom in-house editor tech. Heh, that's really good to know because so far I'm still tooling and I was really wondering if I'd be better off giving myself a time limit on it, but I think I know where my goals are set with regards to it and also it's making me consider lots of the problems without seeing them as an obstacle to what I'm actually trying to achieve. I was hoping vi was going to get mentioned in there somewhere
  9. I'd agree with pretty much all of that, and I think you're right - DF are unlikely to overstep the bounds in to bad taste.
  10. Weeeeell... I'm personally of the opinion that being puerile and childish in use of both language and comedy violence is in fact really good fun. Like I say, I laughed my proverbial bottom off at the swearing in Brütal Legend. I think the important thing to remember here is that there are many different audiences to potentially cater to - for instance I can agree that cutting the puerile "maturity" for the sake of a wider audience may be the right thing to do. However, if you're already dealing with adult themes, you may as well put that "Do you want gore/swearing turned on or off?" option in so that you can cater to both the camps without alienating either. Yes, "mature" content for the sake of the f-bombs and boobs is silly, but then again so is a computer game based around travelling through time in a toilet. And we all loved DOTT.
  11. I dunno, you still need to think about who will actually be able to play at the end of the day. By going for the highest ratings there are a load of kids who suddenly can't play it - but you'd also potentially do the same by going "screw whatever rating it gets" and then putting a few f-bombs in because you felt like it.
  12. Yeah, I guess I am! With regards to not being an animator, I think that's kind of why I'm doing this. I love to draw, but having tried my hand at full frame spriting (see attachment) I find it pretty tedious and I don't really want to waste time getting really good at it. That's why I figure some sort of IK system could cut down on the amount I actually have to do. I work in web deployment automation for a publishing company, so it's pretty much in my nature to make tools to minimise actual human work on something a computer should be able to do itself. I suppose that's another question - how much tooling do you guys tend to do either a) when using an existing engine or b) when using a custom one? I pretty much jumped straight in on the tooling here because I didn't want to do things like fudging about variables like co-ordinates for pivots in a text editor or IDE. Also, what IDE do you tend to use?
  13. I think a Brütal Legend style in-game choice would be perfect. Swearing is that much more funny when it stops just after "You STUPID, MOTHERF-" to ask you how explicit you like your games, as is phenomenal gore - it's the best of both worlds and not *that* much more work.
  14. I'm working on a minigame in which I desperately want to use an 8-bit version of Angel of Death by Slayer which plays whilst you try and make the character drink a pint of beer whilst the screen shakes around violently.
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