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  1. Lol, would be cool if there were 1-3 holes per map, one per green, which randomly burst out some flames or something. MAYHEM (maybe I'm out on the wrong path here)
  2. Any deadline? Thinking of making one song kind of mayhem(/bit death)-metalish, and one more electro-based, but still pretty gritty. Then it'll be up to you if you decide to use them or not, making music is fun either way, don't really have much work atm:). Things like bitrate, samplerate, format, would be good to know, since you'd generally want to keep all of the music and sound the same compression and rates. length, loopable?, could also be good to know, to get a feel for your idea.
  3. Ok well, my strongest motivation is helping out. I don't see it super-neccessary to put my own music out for the project, if others want theirs. But as I said, if anyone needs help with sound or music I'd gladly help. Effects seem to be sorted out, might come over with some variants, heavier motors and stuff like that, and I might throw together a song or two that'd be 100% optional for you to use or not. Seems like metal is the theme for this game? Never played the first one so not sure about the general vibe of the game or music tbh. But I get the idea that it's a bit madness-ey:) We'll see what happens:) Edit: Jason, what gear and plugs are you using by the way? just out of curiosity. Drums gotta be DKFH or superior drummer, right?
  4. Please contact me if you need help with sound design, mixing, music or the likes, I'd be glad just to do some of it for fun. I have access to some (very) high end equipment here as well, so it's no problem =) Seems like sound is popular though, maybe there's not much to do there any more.