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  1. I was just thinking this and popped over here - didn't realize how much an episode really brightened my month until I went without for two. Any thoughts from the team on when something will be served up? JMD
  2. Kinda, felt like Tim was making a game for his daughter. He even said, if my daughter likes it I like it when talking about choosing the female character in the documentary. I still think it's a good game, but for a younger set. This fits with the puzzles. Pretty intuitive and simple. I just was never that gripped by the setting or the needs of the characters. Though there were some beautiful moments, (the non-chosen sacrificial girl in the cloud colony, floating in space) mostly I was divorced from the situation and just clicking around. I think I got more than my money's worth just for the documentary but just wanted to post my feedback somewhere. I hope this makes sense, I have nothing but goodwill for the team and I feel bad being negative. Good for them for fostering a place where people can communicate their thoughts. I really do look forward to playing the second half and seeing the rest of the documentary.
  3. Tim is so such a perplexing character - his process is to fly towards the sun until his wings start to burn. As a employee of an indie creative company not in the games field that seems downright irresponsible to me and truthfully I think that a company should understand budgeting and time management so these kind of problems, that really could destroy a whole company, don't have to be solved with somewhat muddled messaging about a game being split in two - on the other hand the man is responsible for some of the greatest experiences with games of my childhood and adult life and the game looks fucking beautiful... and it's only with this ambition can truly great things be realized. I'm torn but either way I really commend the DF and two player team for putting this together: It feels real, stressful, insightful and really one of the only serialized pieces of content that I truly buy into... DFA is my Mad Men.
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