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  1. "Sexyjail"? Oh, I've got a bad feeling about this... EDIT: OH DEAR LORD THE SEXY
  2. ^No, I am me! I think... VMight not appear for a while.
  3. And here it is. Discussions? Comments? Funny animal noises?
  4. This thread intrigues me. Could it last for five pages more? Impossible.
  5. Moo! (I say, is that a Centrosaurus skull upon your head? What exquisite horns it has!)
  6. I'd totally see Raz as a penguin. With goggles.
  7. Thank you all very much! Although you probably shouldn't buy lottery tickets.
  8. Howdy! My name is Brian Wolf, and I go by many other names on the internet, some of which I don't like repeating. I am an artist, which is a pleasant way of saying that I am scatterbrained and try to do work in every medium possible, including but not limited to: T-shirts: Comics: Character Design: Package Design: Videogame Design/Animation: I have both a DeviantArt and a Facebook page, if you are into those sorts of things. I've been a huge fan of Tim Schafer's work since I discovered Grim Fandango many years ago. Even though I don't have a console to play it on, I can't wait for Brutal Legend to come out, just because I know it's going to rock. Double Fine Studios, you guys are an inspiration to this humble geek- please don't ever stop being awesome. Nice to meet you all!
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