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  1. Decapitatioooooooon! I CONCUR! :D It really would! And with a big battle-axe. Like the one in Brutal Legend. Only it talks back as it attacks.
  2. I liked Myst's puzzles. That said, I know what you're getting at and despite our different interpretations of "logic puzzles" we're getting at exactly the same thing.
  3. Working on my end. Try clicking the little link for the other player and see if that works! Why doesn't the regular player work for some people (myself included)? The "other player" has worked every time, except one (episode 12, I think), but I've never gotten the main player to work. It was a good episode. You seemed downright gleeful, Greg. Like a great weight had been lifted. But please, now that it's out, let the sound guy sleep! ;0)
  4. Oh! That is what it will be, I bet. Can't believe I didn't think of that. That would still pretty much be like a new land, as we've only seen it from the outside and from inside Vella's home. So yes, I wouldn't mind that either.
  5. IF the romance angle plays out I think her story will be in the second half. Right now she's basically like Shay was at the start of the game (depending on how you played) where he does the same thing every day and is just tired of it all. She also had the line that made me laugh the hardest about hanging herself, or something. I'm just dark, that way. ;-)
  6. Now I feel like a dork. I played a lot of adventure games, but they were all in the LucasArts sort of wheelhouse (even the ones that weren't LucasArts). Outside of flirting with a horror adventure game or two, I think all of my 90s adventure gaming had a comic spin. History is repeating itself in that regard -- I'm playing Broken Age (comic spin) and Walking Dead (horror). Imagine my glee if they did a true comedy-horror adventure!
  7. I don't agree that a romance would feel tacked on. Not at all. Especially if it became a focus in the first half of the second part (sort of like Han/Leia in Empire Strikes Back). But I'm just an old softy who misses the days of romance in games "Your Princess is in another castle!" The bird girl up in the perch almost seems placed there waiting for a romance to happen. She's lonely, she feels like a useless failure as she couldn't even get a monster to eat her, etc. etc. She -- like Shay and Vella -- is a teenager forced into surroundings she doesn't like and looking for adventure and feels the need to escape her confines. Seems like an ideal partner for Shay to me. I agree with you on new locations. I really, really hope we see at least a few. But part of me suspects we'll see the same locations through different eyes (Vella in the ship, Shay on the land). But at least that "top secret" room is still there for us, as is the land beyond the snake.
  8. In hopes the script can still be tinkered with and that Tim or Greg or others involved are reading this forum, here are some suggestions. A wish list, even. As a writer I became a backer in hopes of helping with the game and then I got all scared of spoilers and stopped visiting the forums until after playing Act One. Yeah ... I'm weird and self-sabotaging that way. Anyway, here are suggestions for act two after completing act one: I'm beginning with something I mentioned in another thread, because I want to see it desperately in act two: Romance. Tim says this is a coming-of-age story and what coming-of-age story is complete without a romance? So Shay falls in love with the girl in the bird suit on the perch. And Vella falls in love with ... the wolf? We don’t know what’s under that costume. And Tim’s writing style fits with switching “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” to “a sheep in wolf’s clothing” so there could be somebody under their for Vella to love (likely not a sheep in the literal sense, although that would be ... different). Puzzles. I don't necessarily know if there needs to be more of them, but I do wish they would be a little more challenging. And not just challenging by being obtuse, but challenging in a way that makes you think things through. A logical sort of challenge. The kind Spock would like (the ending of act one was a little "Wrath of Kahn"). Tying together of the man in the ship with the man from the ship. Could the space dude Vella discovered be "Shay from the Future"? Or is he Marek the wolf? Maybe he's Shay's father? I don't know how this would work. I'm not the one being paid to write a game. But if anyone's hiring ... Speaking of Shay's Father. Could he be the wolf? Wolves howl at the moon. Shay's father is a full moon (in miniature form). Shay's father seems to have issues with Shay's mother, as well and we do catch glimpses of him floating around watching us during our adventure. He does so without reporting what we're doing to the mother. I don't know if this is an idea as much as speculation. But if it's not part of the story, doesn't it seem like it should be? Killing those cutesy-twee yarn friends in Brutal Legend style. Just because. Feel free to add to, agree or disagree with this list!
  9. In one of the episodes of the documentary they have up on the whiteboard stuff they mean to discuss and one item simply reads "DRM". Sadly, we didn't get word one of that part of the discussion in the documentary. I am not at all happy to have any analytics tied to the games I play (the need corporations have for more and more information from everyone they "serve" is disturbing) -- especially without my giving permission. And especially when it's a company and service I did not back (Google). I was a Broken Age backer, not a backer of Google Analytics. I would also be interested in, at the very least, an option to disable this "service" in the game. And hope it's not present in the final game at all.
  10. I forgot about the snake. Yes. That's a definite. I'm still hung up (as in: I want to see it) on the romance angle. Tim says this is a coming-of-age story and what coming-of-age story is complete without a romance? So Shay falls in love with the girl in the bird suit on the perch. And Vella falls in love with ... the wolf? We don't know what's under that costume. And Tim's writing style fits with switching (metaphorically) "a wolf in sheep's clothing" to "a sheep in wolf's clothing" so there could be somebody under their for Vella to love.
  11. This post has ACT ONE SPOILERS and ACT TWO SPECULATION: Did Tim Schaffer come up with the most ingenious implementation of back-tracking in a game? The one guy in the doc (Greg? Brad? I suck with names) was fine with it being a short game and thought people would be okay with a 2 or 3 hour game. Tim didn't agree. At all. Seems he lived through the burn of the way-too-short but otherwise awesome Full Throttle. But they didn't have the additional assets to create another half of a game. They would need to stretch what they had. What did they have? Tim's trademark heat-warming & humorous writing. So why not double the length of the game by re-using the same areas, with the characters in reverse? The girl will be in the spaceship (and will presumably find out who/what the wolf is) and the boy will be on land (where I'm guessing he'll fall in love with the girl in the bird costume that never left her perch -- and if there isn't a romance planned, get on that, Tim, STAT!). Anyway, if this is the way it's going, I think it's a pretty smart way to give a longer game without a significantly larger budget. And, as the title says, the most ingenious implementation of back-tracking in a game. I guess technically it wouldn't be back-tracking as it would be a different character who hadn't tracked that path before, but you get the idea.
  12. To avoid spoilers I didn't watch these until after finishing Act 1. The problem I'm having is that this video doesn't work. The first 9 parts worked with the "other video" alternate link (none worked with the embedded link). This part doesn't work AT ALL. Can you email me it or repost it or something? I'm really loving this documentary series and was excited to get caught up. Thanks!
  13. I cast my vote for SUPER private. With SUPER all in caps. "Super" just isn't PRIVATE enough. It's not like this wasn't top of the video game news for days on end (even leaking into the mainstream press, where they talk about things other than games that are video). If people wanted in, they had plenty of changes to get in. That said, I do like me some drum circles!
  14. I initially didn't like it at all and felt a wave of disappointment (just a little wave ... maybe more of a tinkle) as I stared at this "visual style" and thought, "Is this it? Really?!?" But, having given my hard earned money to be a teensy, tiny part of this grand venture into kickstarting the adventure genre back from the dead, I decided to read on and see what you had to say. By the end of the article, I found myself having grown to like the visual style being displayed. It's still not the instant "falling in love" that happened when seeing the art in Full Throttle or Grim Fandango, but I see real potential. I do wish we'd get to see 3 or 4 different styles and help decide which one looks best. It would bring us in and make us feel like we are actively engaged in this project, and not merely bystanders standing by, not being engaged. And by "we" I mean "me" because I can't speak for anyone else on this forum. Thanks for the great post!
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