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  1. So I've inched closer to the finish line and solved some stuff on my own (yay), but again - I have a basic idea what the game expects me to do and a rough idea of the solution but I can't get to trigger it (white text ahead): I'm supposed to get the trash bot to "run" to the trash exhaust so I can throw the bomb in by teleporting to it - but how do I make the trash bot reappear? The cereal animation in the food room does nothing and I can't seem to find that thing anywhere.. Also Shay can't tell a joke even if his life would depend on it - I have no idea how to get that fish from the talking tree..
  2. Spoiler safe: 1. The pattern and color are quite easy if you map each to an age considering the fact that MOM never repeated a combination ever. Also try to connect the teeth in the glass to some other hint available in that room, so you can map that hint to an age. 2. Once you got that, you can use the medical info to get the size right. The chart that she puts up is misleading in the sense that you could map a size to each age, but from what I could gather you're only able to deduce two size-age-relations from the given clues.
  3. Thanks for the hints. Yeah I guess I got the general direction I need to go for the "convincing" part, yet I don't know how to "reach it" yet Same for the egg, it's protected and I haven't wrapped my head around how to gain access to it.
  4. I'm currently stuck much sooner - Mom wants the name of the favorite toy, yet no item in the trophy room seems to hold it. As for Shay, I have no idea where to get a eggshell from and what to give that woman as a hook so I can get that wire..
  5. Some quick thoughts from me about this: a) Every modern developer wants to track its users' behavior so they can find where their game design went "wrong" - no individual data is needed, just individual anonymous user data is needed (e.g. to generate "paths" taken through an application and identify most common paths or common paths for users that stopped playing shortly after) b) Not every developer denotes this fact in their EULA, TOS or anywhere, they just do it (no F2P game works without analytics) c) Some developers use custom-built systems for this, but the smaller the company, the more probable it is that they use a third party tool d) Kontagent for mobile and Gameanalytics for pc/console games are very well known analytics companies that "record" every user action in games (developers pay per action pushed into their databases e) The usage of Google Analytics for this purpose is quite new and very attractive for small companies that don't want to spend a lot of money on their analytics solution - the API is very robust and easy to implement And here's where I understand why some people are upset: - Why are players not asked, directly, whether or not they want to allow tracking? Just ask "We use google analytics to make our game better - do you want to send us that anonymous information?" - do not hide it somewhere in EULAs which could give people wrong ideas about what is actually happening. - Why use Google? Sure it's cheap, but being able to cross-reference analytics data is a huge (!) sales pitch for paid analytics services. Some analytics providers have a "free" tier, where you can only work on your own data - pay a monthly fee and now you can see which other games your users have played. I'm not saying Google Analytics allows this (haven't worked with it directly) but I know third party tools for mobile products which allow just that. Personally I'm not worried by this and I don't mind the usage of Google Analytics, but they could've been more upfront about it and could've given players an "Enable Telemetrics (uses Google Analytics)" checkbox in the options. It's nothing to be shy about, just be open about these things.
  6. Thanks for everything DoubleFine and Tim - playing Broken Age as we speak and looking forward to the rewards and episodes to come. The game is amazing and a true love letter to adventure games as a whole.
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