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  1. There you go, I'm glad you're feeling better about it now.
  2. Now, please be honest...You started the thread in order to be convinced those games have potential, or you want to vent out continuing an already lost debate?
  3. Steed is an open world RPG with a brand new twist on the concept, really, what's not to like about it? Of course, if you're not into open world RPGs, then I'm afraid I have little to offer to you...
  4. I'd say the biggest surprise is the absence of BOTH Ages of Adventure and What Could Go Wrong.
  5. Breach, Dear Leader, Steed. Not all my picks, but that's my feeling right now...
  6. Hey! Not fair! You guys are jumping the gun! :lol: Seriously though, that's too good for words!
  7. Aw man... I ruined it? HELL YEAH!!BAD GOLF 2! BAD GOLF 2! BAD GOLF 2!
  8. Yes, I know, that's why I placed everything under an "IP" umbrella term Oh boy, I did it, I turned a game design discussion into a legalese one... My sincere apologies, Goldenheaven is right, if Patrick has any concern, he'll have us know.
  9. Well, yeah, sorry for derailing the thread with such a mood-killer topic. The thing is, I own IP. And while I'm not aware of U.S. IP law in particular, I know that about everywhere in the world it follows the "enforce it or lose it" principle. That means that, if the just ignore a community-produced Bad Golf 2, then latter, let's say, EA, can claim that the concept is now in "public domain" and make their own version. Then again, perhaps I am worried over nothing. Patrick, could you clear this up?
  10. Oh, that's nice... but just to be the annoying guy, mind the IP guys. The game concept belongs to Patrick Hackett and Double Fine. I suppose it should be quite easy to obtain some kind of licence from them (Patrick seemed very enthusiastic about a community-made BG2). Yes, I know, this kind of thing kinda spoils the fun, but it's better to start of on the right foot.
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