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  1. I agree with the other two comments that the game is great, but again just clarification on the end of the game at its current point. The UFO region at the bottom left corner hasn't unlocked for me but also doesn't have anything on it saying "Coming Soon" or anything indicating that I wasn't ever supposed to reach it, so I was wondering if a glitch caused me to skip it or if I was never supposed to actually go there. As for the over-powered super powers from crime-bot and sweet justice, I've found they all have that problem of being one-hit kills if the strength is high enough on the character. In my case sweet justice isn't able to kill everyone as he only has 15 strength, but other characters with a strength rating of 18 or higher that can attack an entire group end up being one-hit kills. Other minor problems are just with the To-Do List objectives asking me to do things that I can no longer achieve such as researching a snack when I have already researched everything, but otherwise it's a pretty damn good game that has been a fair distraction over the last few days
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