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  1. Hack N' Slash - The premise sounds like how I basically grew up with computer gaming. Once I had finished the game I would perform interesting computer enthusiast related task to see what was behind the curtain and if I could make it better or at least more interesting the next time I played through. Spacebase DF-9 - I have been a fan of simulated environments ever since mucking around with Little Computer People on the Commodore 64. It will be interesting to see it played out on a larger scale to see where things can possibly go. The White Birch - As soon as I saw that the game would be along the lines of Ico I immediately hit the vote button. That was all I needed to know about the game. KAIJU PILEDRIVER - I am a huge fan of the old style man in a rubber suit Godzilla movies and the game Rampage. The concept sounded like an excellent blending of the two. The Knockover - I love "heist" type movies and games. Seemed a natural thing to vote for the game. Echelon - This game was right up my alley. It reminds me some of Uplink. I would have liked to see how the implementation of the game would have progressed.
  2. -Inside a computer (physical, not Tron) -Tripping through time to see the different 7 Wonders of the World -Czar ruled Russia if the Czars were bears -An alternate Earth where all of the old myths are true (here there be dragons) -A high school caught in a space time vortex (sorry, just re-watched My Science Project) -A zombie level where you are a zombie trying to eat brains -Factory invaded by aliens looking for cheese -Would love to see DFA's take on Grimms' Fairy Tales -World War II where America is the bad guy -Space adventure to get different races into a peaceful confederation -America if the south had won the Civil War -World wide scavenger hunt requiring the solving of puzzles to unlock the clues to find the piece which is a clue to the next location -Parody of Indiana Jones movies -Pirates vs Ninjas on the moon -Play as an alien invading Earth -Fantastic Voyage (1966) type game -Noir detective novel where the protagonist knows he is in a game, forgets that he is talking to the player, and has to constantly play it off to the other characters in the game who do not realize they are in a game -Prison Break from Pluto (which is still a planet I don't care what the scientific community says) -Children's Saturday morning show run by Satan -The wacky adventures of a game designer -A ghost investigator who learns that the spirit world is real -Prohibition era low level gangster that cannot do anything right but still gets the girl -A messenger for the gods of Olympus that gets caught in their petty squabbles -Ancient Rome ruled by eagles -American old west ghost town -A small American town where everyone but the main character is frozen. The character must unfreeze certain people in order to figure out what is happening -Character must defeat his evil goatee wearing twin that is a girl -Get your kicks on Route 66 visiting all of the weird roadside attractions -Washington DC while it is being built -Modern Egypt if they kept building the way ancient Egypt did -Australia where all the people are kangaroos and koalas -Jumping through different video games (sport game to a platform jumper to a quiz show game to a blah blah blah) -Mirror world where the controls are reversed (to go right the player has to push left) and is filled Disney like talking animals