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  1. Is there any way to get the game through GOG, instead of Steam/HB? I went to GoG to download the game, and found out that I seemingly don't have it there on my account... It's been so long that I had completely forgotten that I must have received it via humble bundle. I don't buy from Steam willingly; not unless the title is nowhere else to be found, and something I'm okay with losing. (I don't have Steam installed this year.) When inXile sent the codes for the deluxe WL2 edition for Steam, I was later given the option to revoke those for the GoG edition. I would certainly love to get a similar option from DoubleFine, if that becomes a possibility in the future. Very recently Gog added a promotion for accepting 3rd party game keys for (participating) games that they offer. So for instance, my CD key for Stalker adds their Stalker installer to my account. http://www.gog.com/reclaim
  2. I'm not positive, but it was probably 'Les Manely: The Search for the King.'http://www.pcgamer.com/2010/12/24/crap-shoot-les-manley-search-for-the-king/ (Though I don't recall having nearly the trouble this guy seems to have had.) ** Actually, come to think of it... No, my first adventure game was Raaka-tu (a cassette loader in assembly on a coco2) http://www.figmentfly.com/raakatu/raakatu.html
  3. Lennie Moore http://www.lenniemoore.com/
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