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  1. I would too. Hell, it would be a good opportunity to finally release the patch. Sadly I don't think this will ever happen. :coolmad:
  2. I also think that the single player DLC stuff is not unlocked at the start, but at certain points of the story. The MP missions should be unlocked right after install, so they'll be the most reliable way to tell if the DLC's installed or not.
  3. What happens next?

    Next we wait for another five years and possibly several lawsuits, then get a completely different game and a vague declaration of interest on making a sequel for the earlier game.
  4. cant hear some sounds

    The last PS3 patch seemed to add as much bugs as it fixed, including some sound bugs. You can try deleting the game data (not saves, just data), and then only installing the first patch, canceling the patching process when you start downloading the second one. The game will be single player-playable, more stable and without game-breaking bugs.
  5. Reversed Nightmare speech in Boyd's mind.

    Cool! I'm pretty sure the third one says "Death you will find!"
  6. Dear QA

    AHHH! It's just a link to babies screaming! What the hell is wrong with you! You magnificent bastard!
  7. Music of Stacking - Classical music by whom?

    Um, any progress?
  8. I want more Costume Quest

    Hell, I just want the Costume Quest most of the people already have. They've never released the "Grubbins on ice" in the Russian PS Store.
  9. Music of Stacking - Classical music by whom?

    Can anyone tell me what was the jazzy theme used in the trailer for Stacking? It kind of reminded me of some of the themes used in the Jeeves and Wooster tv series.
  10. DLC for Brutal Legend please! :cheese:
  11. Easter Eggs!

    Good find on the Schafer crate. The skulls didn't struck me as particularly Brutal Legendish though.
  12. Yeah, I know about the dark versions, it's similar but not exactly the same thing, not unless the experience is qualitatively radically different from other bosses, forcing you to think on the whole other level. Although I'll admit that it's really hard to draw the line between the standard tactic of learning and adapting to behavior of a normal interesting boss, and being challenged on a sort of a meta-game level. I can give you another example - the fight with The End in the MGS3. Unlike all other bosses in the game (who by the way also follow the great MGS tradition of being rather interesting and challenging), who prefer fighting in the close quarters, The End is a sniper. He prefers to fight you at the long range, lying in ambush for a long time, changing positions after each shot. The challenge becomes figuring out his location (using all these high tech devices like the directed microphones or IR goggles, which until then was just the fun extras), and figuring the best way to blindside him. In this type of fight you not only have to adapt to the boss' moving patterns, but you have to think on a more strategic level, close to playing the metagame with the other player.
  13. Oh, I would also like to compliment the final boss design, especially the last segment (spoilers obviously). It may not look extremely imaginative, being a simple game of RPS, however considering the limitations of puzzle oriented stacking mechanic, which does not exactly lends itself easily for combat, it was probably the best balance between the need to use the stacking system and the need to keep the fight quick paced and dynamic. However what I've most enjoyed was the experience of fighting your equal, someone who could use the game's unique system, which until recently was entirely in your domain, just as well as you. It's hard to find something to compare it with, since most of the time the boss fights either pit a small agile hero against big hulking monstrosities, or against a comparable sized, but stronger opponent with a few fixed move-sets. However I do have one good example of a such a boss fight against an equal. It was the fight against the boss Ninetails in the Clover studios great game Okami. The Okami had an divine brush magic system, which allowed you to affect the outside world in a rather original way. You could at practically any time initiate the brush mode, effectively pausing the game and turning your screen grayish, like a water color picture. Then you could use the brush to paint special symbols for wind, fire, lightning and so on, which caused them to happen after you've unpaused the game. What made the Ninetails so special was the fact that he was the only other person in the game, who could also use the divine brush system. He could initiate the brush mode on his own, casting magic at you, and if you drew your own brush symbols too slowly he could butt in in your drawing time, drawing his own symbol and ending your drawing time prematurely, effectively canceling your cast and hurting you with his magic at the same time (a bit like the fast draw duel between the wild west gunfighters). The fight was extremely fast paced and dynamic, and when you've finally defeated him, extremely rewarding. To this day it is one of my favorite boss fights in any videogame. So anyway, thank you for making an exiting boss who could challenge you on your own ground.
  14. So completely true! When I saw that sign I thought "Great! Finally a dedicated room for all the fan-service, no need to strain yourself listening for a familiar tune or looking for asian lady in obscure corners!" And then it was just a dull room with three mechanics. By the way did anyone managed to catch any easter eggs? I couldn't find any.
  15. Big thanks for the game guys. Excellent gameplay mechanic, really unique and fun, which is a rare sight these days. Keep making those amazing, awesome games.