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  1. @m4rc: Sure thing Im a newb photografer so naturally I did not take the window in the background into account when I took the photo - and I diddent excactly crawl when I took the photo either (table is fairly, low - and im fairly tall, a bad combo when taking photos). Anyways the book incl. the slipcase is 32cm, and the statue is 42cm. so almost 1/3rd extra book height. My previous tallest figure was one I got with a gift of the Skyrim collectors edition, but even the mighty dragon cowers before the size of Eddie.
  2. Bwuaaarh, Finally managed to get mine evil customs. Also got my Eddie statue along with it (that thing is huge!). The artbook is also gigantuan, and I've read a bit of the introduction It's awesome. Extra tax was less than expected, but im not complaining. Result was an import VAT of 25 dollars, import tax consisting of another 25 dollars, and then just for a secondary VAT added to the import tax of 5 dollars for a total of 55 dollar tax/vat. Only sad thing I noticed was a tiny spot on the front of the slipcase where the glossyness has been peeled off. Im guessing that happened when they ransacked the package for the contents. At least I have the artbook now Score!
  3. Weee! Decided to check the status today and saw this awesome! Now - we play the waiting game, part 2!
  4. Who knew slipcases could cause such a big problem? still waiting paitently.
  5. Ah, that would proberbly be the reason. I had not seen the "final" release date (was just informed that the release was in April by the DF Shop), so when people started talking about the book I got a bit nervous since I had not heard anything from the shop. Just recently at a shop where I had preordered a limited edition product, they somehow manage to sell my copy to someone who had not preordered and that was crappy. So thanks up for it BigMchugelarge
  6. Still havent heard anything from the DF store wonder if it's shipped yet.
  7. I actually contacted the double fine shop earlier this month regarding the book (prior to even seeing this thread!) and I was informed that the book was finally coming out sometime early April. Oddly enough they just withdrew money from my account - so I'm hoping to see a "We've shipped your goods!" email sometime soon. (Not sure how it works when buying directly from the DF Store). Something completely different, shipping sure is a bastard. The shipping price to DK is actually higher than the book itself, and when it eventually gets here it'll proberbly be taken by customs and get an added import tax (package value + shipping price + 25%, and in addition to that a 32$ bill that you have to pay because they checked your package). ^^ Thank god that I am no longer a poor student!
  8. Guess that something my GAME here dosent ever do any preorder stuff ^^ so no matter the connections i have there, theres never really anything to get from em'. Fill it with your mighty tunes!
  9. It also helps a bit if your a fan of Tenacious D that improves the "goodieness" of it by quite a bit.
  10. I'd really love that, and was rather suprised to see it - but at the same time i think it's a bit much to ask for one im sure you'd love to have one as well and i wouldent want to deprive someone else of their Tenacious D face melting guitar ^^ edit: Of course ^^ if you have spare - i'd take it faster than you could strike a string on it.
  11. First of all Hi every other member of what can only be the Brütal Legion's headquarters ^^ Now then, as most of us know - there has been no word on any sort of preorder goodies from any european retailer (Sad ), meaning less rocking out for us. So, just as it is for the Americans, the only path of rocking out for us is to pre-order from gamestop.....in the united states. Which leads to a few things: 1. Preorder bonuses? One of the common issues with preordering from gamestop to a country outside of the US is that there is usually very limited ammount of preorder goodies to give out, and (which is also point 2.) seeing as preordering for gamestop to any european country is priced at more or less the same as the game itself - finding that out when it arrives at your doorstep can be like blowing your amps before going on stage. Now then, from my ingenious research (called 5 minutes with a snack), it seems that people who physically pick up their preorder get a card with a code on - now im guessing those will be limited in numbers. As for online preorders who go for shipping, they'll be emailing codes. The big question here is then - is it the same code for online reclaiming of the guitar? do they have some database with a billion codes? or are they just taking the code off one of the physical cards everytime they send out a code by email. Now i realize that this dosent really help anyone out that much, but if by any chance a gamestop employee frequented these forums perhaps they could shead some light on the matter - as it would assure if or if not the odds of getting a code when importing was more than 1 : 1'000'000. For references, it seems it would cost me about 40usd to import it - 60 for the game and since its from the US, tax will grab it and that'll be another 50% on top of the price (they charge item + shipping + 25% + around 15% extra because they had to check the package) - and at that price i'd really hate to find out that there was no bonus in it for me ^^ edit: Calculated it out - my total ends up at 162.92usd ^^ Cheers! Marty. edit: edited title, it seemed like it would get people's hopes up which this wont help with.
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