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  1. Just to update. I finished the game now (thanks, I had fun with it!) and had the game crash once more. Though I didn't lose my saves. This time in the scene where the overmother places Shay back in bed after "the Attack"
  2. Hello. My game seems to crash randomly when changing areas. Happened twice in Shay's Story (once when changing from Marek's room to the Space Weaver, once when entering the room in front of the airlock) and once for Vella (when entering the entrance of the Temple). Sadly, the last crash for Vella deleted all my saves (my save now starts from the beginning and says "3 minutes") Very Annoying, since I was almost done with the game. the Mac is a late 2013 retina Macbook Pro 15" with Nvidia graphics, if that helps.
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