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  1. Hello! I've tried on several resolutions and with several mouse speed configurations in control panel but all of them result in the same overall mouse speed which is rather sluggish. Not a huge bug but a mouse speed slider would be nice.
  2. Holey crap, haven't seen that trailer yet. It's totally drawn me in and made me hyped for the game. Also, hooray for Elijah doing the voice of Shay.
  3. Space to pause-unpause (Yes, I believe every game should have pausable cutscenes, sometimes an urgent matters pops up) esc and enter to skip. Alternatively esc to show the menu.
  4. Wonderful episode! It's a shame that things aren't all butterflies and rainbows but I guess that's just life. Making my own games in free time I can definitely emphatize with discovering that your scope is just far bigger then you thought initially, and too big for the time you have, so ou the machetes go and there you go slashing parts of your games you've loved but without which the game can still be engaging and a complete experience. I hope you can finish this game without having to sacrifice too much of the company. When it was mentioned that the whole company is dependent on this project I deffinitely felt nervous... All in all: Good Luck!
  5. Great episode :] Unfortunately the reality has to set in eventually, and I'm a bit worried that you'll start overworking yourselves One thing I'm wondering: do you hand gout with people from other game companies considering SF is swarming with game dev studios?
  6. Just adding my two cents here: I'm not a fan of point and click games and never was, I am however a huge fan of Double Fine and I trust I'll like the games they'll make based on their games I've played, however, the documentary is the main reason I've backed this project. The only thing I like as much as playing games is seeing how they're made and meeting people that made them. I'd love for 2pp to release the episodes more steadily but I don't have any problem with delays because I know that more often than not they're done for the right reasons. However, transparency would be nice when it comes to estimated release date even if the date is off and has to be rescheduled. Also this: I think this is a great idea. on a side note: Thank you for listening to your community and putting out the Sidequests we really appreciate them :]
  7. I'm wondering if you've ran across the halo problem that happens when you interpolate a completely opaque and completely transparent pixel side-by-side. Photoshop has the nasty habit of saving completely transparent pixels as white which then the graphics card blends with opaque pixels resulting in a white halo around the edge of the drawn object, and the effect is especially noticeable when the image is zoomed in. Since you're loading directly from PSDs this could be not the case, or it could be a case of having black halos, depending how the image is treated when loading. But I'm assuming you won't be using PSDs for the final art since it's a rather heavy file format (compared to PNG or TGA). Have you encountered this problem before? If so, how did you solve it?
  8. This looks like a really great effort, and it would be cool if DF considered doing this, doesn't really seem that hard to implement these features. I'll probably think about this too when I make my own games :]
  9. I think people are mixing up animation styles in here. First you've got Hand drawn Frame-by-frame animation, it was used in games like Day of the Tentacle, and was the most common way to create animated movies. Then you have Flash animation - This is what Ritchie showed in his video and what's being used in MLP, Foster's House for Imaginary Friends and Adventure time. it's less expressive that hand drawn but can still achieve great effect using parts replacing, squash and stretch. Lastly you've got skeletal animation and this is the one that seems to be used in DFA. All body parts are assembled on a texture that is mapped to a mesh, that is then deformed using a skeleton. This is is the most common animation method in 3D games and it works well enough for non-stylized characters, but in 2D gives pretty bad results compared to the two styles mentioned above, which is why almost no game uses it, the only one I can think of is Aquaria and even they had big problems with animation even though the game looked gorgeous (Rayman Origins was done in a Flash-style animation system afaik) The skeletal animation drawbacks can be amiliorated using mesh-swapping, allowing mesh deformations separate from skeleton deform, and vertex animation on top of the skeleton animation. However more often than not these aren't used resulting in a very bad, stiff, non-expressive animation, resulting in characters that just look off, especially in 3/4 view. It works well enough in side view though, a good example is Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, however they cheated ,imo, considering most enemies there are strongly silhouetted so you don't notice the angles that are off. I'm curious in seeing how they tackle the problems with 2D skeletal animation, since I'm both a big animation lover, and because I've been developing one myself, but dropped because of the problems mentioned above.
  10. They just got me a brand new computer with Win7 that I'm about to switch to... But the keyboard stays! Well, in that case goodbye XP sister! You shall be missed Still coolest member though
  11. Loved this episode It's great to meet the team. Also Anna Uses WinXP and the same keyboard I do which makes her the coolest team member
  12. First off: Do you want to be a developer as in programmer? If yes then don't go to a uni that teaches game design. Go to a uni that has a computer science degree or similar, as long as it's very focused on software programming and understanding how computers work. In most cases a game design course is tacked on and leaves you in a bad spot after you finish it. With a computer science degree even if you don't get into a game job right away you still have opportunities for jobs outside of gamedev, where you can build up experience and then finally find a gamedev job (this is actually what I'm doing). Second: I really hope you're spending a lot of your free time making games and small programs. Even when working full-time at a programmer job you need to make games in your free time as well, which leaves little time for social activity (it's one of the sacrifices you'll have to make). Now: Can you get a gamedev job without university? Of course you can. Just make games, and build up a portfolio. But University grants you faster learning, access to very smart people, gives you resources you wouldn't have had otherwise, and you get to meet a lot of awesome people while you're there. So, even if you're a dropout, the experience itself is worth it. But, above all, the most important thing is making games. If you don't make games before working at a game studio then don't expect anyone to pick you up, since the people that really love making games make them no matter what, and that's the sort of people game companies are looking for. If you're not yet working on your own project I'd recommend joining a gamedev community like Ludumdare or Tigsource. There's a lot of cool people there, from complete newbies that never saw code, to professional programmers that work on games likes Bioshock, and also the people that work on their own releasing small games and living from it. Spending time with people with the same interests as you will inspire you to work harder on achieving your dream, so that alone is worth the effort.
  13. I have to say that skeletal animation is my fav type as game dev. However, while it works really well in 3D it always has this weird feel to it in 2D and it doesn't feel as natural as a traditional animation, especially if it's done in a 3/4 view and quadruple so if you're making the character turn. I'm curious to see how far you can push it. Also: I'm glad you changed mr Jacks' eyes. His dead, soulless eyes were giving me nightmares .__.
  14. Hm.. -A flying island build from old computers and other electronics that floats many miles above the ground and has waterfalls of data leaving a mist of bits behind it. -An underwater lair of swimming dragons where they hoard all the loot they get from sinking ships. -A planet where gravity is warped around on it's surface and the life of it's inhabitants revolves in Escher-like cities. -Inside earth's core, where lives the oldest human in a tiny spherical room, with a small table and two chairs, he likes tea and is desperate for finding someone to play a round of chess. -Another planet where gravity is reversed, so if you fall you fall to the void of space, but inhabitants really don't like guard rails -In an alternate universe that's entangled with ours but while in ours we walk up to a table and sit in front of it, in that universe the tables see as if they walked up to us and stood up in front of us! -On a gigantic city-robot that travels the world on several thousand long thin legs and everything is mechanized and moves on it's own like a robotic gigantic animal composed of millions smaller robotic parts. -on a half-blown up moon where you can jump from one piece to the other except sometimes the gap is too big. ...Damn, now I want to make a game! Good thing 7dfps is coming up, will be a good excuse :]
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