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  1. anything below 80c is perfectly fine for a GPU toasty is above 80c towards 90c thats when you should be worried.
  2. Performance issue is my major problem with the game. I'm running it at 1280/720 AA off VSync Off 60hz (games performance is slower with VSync On) I've attached my system DxDiag.txt to the post. Its still playable just needs some work on the user interface. selecting units with the mouse is not very good at all very hard to use the wheel menu. I realize the game is made for console but the UI needs an extreme overhaul. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B704KYscUY3JdzlDYTRlTlNIUmc/edit?usp=sharing
  3. As the title says I've set my options so AA is off but it resets back to FXAA this is the same for audio settings they keep resetting. Also it would be nice if there was an option for the quality of the effects instead of a default on or off.
  4. they didn't use maya to create this game though ?
  5. don't mean this to sound mean but GTFO we don't need cross platform its a silly idea.
  6. Skyrim with mods that bring back elements from past games and also other mods that turn off the hand holding elements so I can explore the world without feeling like I have a giant Arrow on top of my head. World of Warcraft which I do enjoy if only for a little bit before the monotony of the stale game-play kicks in. Hard Reset because who doesn't love shooting robots ? Ghost Recon Online cool free to play game. DOTA 2 single drafts when I'm bored
  7. 7gbs is big for you ? You should probably look into getting better BB 7gbs is chump change to some games I have 30+gbs
  8. how did you come to that conclusion this game will be a pure point and click adventure game and is still in development. Given the development is taking longer it still will come out.
  9. A lot of people gave this game flack when it originally got released but this was my game of the year when it first came out. Thank you for finally taking the time to release it on PC bought myself the soundtrack edition can't wait to play the SP in a week.
  10. go into the brutal legends folder in steam its not licensed stuff its just original tunes.
  11. the beginning of the universe (The very moment the universe came into existence) the ISS (would love to go there) A black hole that leads to an alternate universe were everyone has a beard and being clean shaven is frowned upon. A world that is actually black and white and colour only exists through the expression of emotion. Europa this is a moon that has always interested me. I'll think of other places but that's a few random thoughts on the matter
  12. watching, reading and experience all this I honestly can't wait for this game.
  13. A fellow lover of the awesomeness of brutal legend truly a underrated game loved it from start to finish.
  14. not if you get notebooks made from renewable sources of trees
  15. Do you perhaps like scooby doo the character in the game reminds me of
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