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  1. That's exactly it. I'm playing the game very slowly, not just because I'm terrible at solving puzzles, but also because I know there's nothing more after the end. Speaking of which: do we now if DF has plans to make more games using the same engine?
  2. The RPS article is still at the top of the 'Recent News' area on Steam. It's depressing.
  3. Thanks for the update. Things got pretty awkward for a while.
  4. I loved this episode (and the game). I am going to miss this pretty badly when it's all over. Can someone please point me to the original version of that fanart with the bird and Grabbin' Gary? I need it as my new wallpaper.
  5. malik : "Elle est totalement flippée" is correct to me. It's slang, but it works. Cherche "il est flippé" sur Google, et tu verras qu'on l'utilise parfois pour dire que quelqu'un a "la trouille".
  6. The bit about the sign was weird for me too. I did not read the sign before.
  7. The only time I had to cheat was with Gus. It would never have occurred to me that falling through that hole could result in something other than the Whoopsy-bird cutscene. This in spite of the numerous clues: I knew the peach had fallen into the nest. I knew falling through the cloud near the trunk took Vella 'downstairs'. Finding the path to the tree also frustrated me, but I figured it out in the end: From the beginning, I assumed Jessie was blocking the way. I thought the whole point of finding the egg was so I could clear the way to the tree. After looking for Gus in all the wrong places, I eventually clicked the path behind Jessie, got the ladder clue, and finally tried climbing there. Other than that, everything made sense to me. Growing up playing all the LucasArts adventure games prepared me for this one. (and I think that's why so many of us found the game 'too easy')
  8. Another option would be that the first jump through that hole has Vella bounce on a branch so she still land on the wrong side. The branch would crack under the impact, so that next time, Vella lands on the right side.
  9. Thanks Tim and everyone at DF! I loved every second of the game. The Yarn Pals are the cutest thing ever. The ending messed with me in a great way. The game really reminded me of Full Throttle: intense, cinematic, reasonable puzzles. I really hope you'll get to make more games like this. Based on the first batch of reviews, things are looking good.
  10. One thing to consider: 'Worlds Apart' was a terrible French boys band from the 90s. Proof:
  11. Same here, except was watching the version they shared on The Pirate Bay. I hope this documentary is a huge success. Not just on its own merits, but also as an example of a different business model, where viewers are respected.
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