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  1. The text below is a letter I just sent to your jobs domain. I wanted to repost it so fans can see it, and maybe share what I mean. Sorry, in theory, sorry for the double post, DF Hola. I'm Miles Robson, freshman at a local community college, aspiring games programmer, and backer of the DFA. I decided a couple years ago that I wanted to seriously get into games development as a career, and since I consider myself a bit of a math geek, I started diving into a programming at a hobby level. Starting this term, I started taking real, big boy programming courses (C++!), and continue to toy around with XNA and Allegro in my spare time. Being pinned in South Florida is kind of lame, so I co-founded a super small indie studio Nice Guy Games ( http://niceguygames.net/ ) with the hopes of getting some people together and crafting something epic. It's difficult finding people who want to work with the budget of a broke college student, but I'm loving it. I originally was writing this E-mail to ask those questions most young students ask, "How do I get a job in this industry?", "How do I build my portfolio?", "Please give me an internship, I make the best coffee" etc, etc. And then I stopped. I'm forming a portfolio, my school work, along with anything my small ragtag team creates will make something nice. The industry is somewhat region dependent, so location is important there. And I honestly make pretty piss poor coffee. So I kinda let my brain wander, wondering why I even opened this draft in the first place. Psychonauts was the first game I ever played in an up to date generation, I was always lagging a console or two behind and stuck to golden oldies on my SNES and N64.That game being my first real experience in that generation was awesome, and that's what pushed my hard into this industry. So I guess instead of asking for help, I'm just gonna say Thank You. I've only seriously played one of Double Fine's titles, but that one moment brought me here. I wish to make experiences that make people have fun. That's a job. People get paid to do it. What? No. You get paid to push pencils and plant buildings and account....things that accountants account. You can't possible survive on making fun. But we do. I've heard horror stories of people losing these studios and such, and I always feel sorry. The bad news of the industry always seems to rise to top. And I still want to dive right in? The hell is wrong with me. I guess I just want it that bad. That...idea of making fun. So thanks. I'm not even quite sure what for. You guys didn't make the first game I ever played, but I'd imagine you helped keep me here, wanting. Kind of like that kid who claws at baseball clay, dreaming of playing in the Big Leagues. I'm defiantly going to. Eventually. Just make sure I don't make coffee.
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