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  1. Thank you for this interesting peek into your pipeline. More would definitely not be tl;dr at least for me. As a fellow game dev I'd be really interested in knowing how everything is done and what sort of files the system generates and everything.
  2. It is indeed rich with mythology and an inspiration for many but using a common and modern name like Timo would be akin to having Bobby the Barbarian for English speakers. It is at best humorous (as I see you understand from your pictorial evidence).
  3. I'd even argue that not all relics need to be combat oriented. There could well be The Reins of Castamere (pardon the pun) that made your horse faster or some sort of mirror or other household item that somehow improves crops or enhances the upbringing capabilities of a specific castle.
  4. Aw, man. Timo is a common Finnish name and would feel really weird in a fantasy setting. [Changed quote formatting.]