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  1. I'm so stoked that this is finally out! Having grown up loving adventure games, Broken Age gave me an opportunity to expose my 5 year old to this genre that I love so much. Thanks guys! Here's my girl's response video!
  2. Felt that the controls were simple enough for my 6 year old to get into. Will there be controller support patched in later? It would make it easier to play on my TV.
  3. Thanks that totally worked. You may want to put the word out that people need to download the unlock file to get the full game. Thanks again!
  4. Hey guys, I just downloaded and tried out Kinect Party. My daughter and I are really big fans of DFAT. I dare say that it's the best Kinect game on the system! Anyway, need some help here... It seems that the new channels are not unlocked for me and I when I press A to buy them, there's no option to allow me to do so. So how do I get the full package? Is there some sort of error? Help me out here cos I'm really looking forward to the Dubstep! Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, First off, I would like to congratulate and thank you guys for doing a great job! The game was easy to pick up and a total blast to play. I powered through it over two days and have arrived to the star on the map. I've cleared the boss for that level - the clone machine and now the story doesn't seem to progress. I noticed that there are two more areas that are coming soon, so I wonder if I have reached the end game of the current version? Thanks! P.S. really looking forward to all the upcoming projects that you guys are working on!
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