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  1. I voted for: -Autonomous: I love the setting and 80's tastic neon wasteland idea. I also like the potential for directing robots to attack instead of controlling them, has many possibilities. -Hack n' Slash: This has huge potential as a game that changes how you play games. The concept alone is worth investigating. -Black Lake: Seems very mysterious and folk lore-y, also seems to have a darker mood than most other games today. I'd love to see this explored. -Spacebase: Aliens, space, hijinks, and again directing simulations rather than directly controlling them. -Bragging and Fighting: I love the idea of making up this "fish that got away" story, then having to prove it with your skills. Also, the prize is beer, yay beer! -Kaiju Piledriver: Godzilla style wrecking and corporate business guardians sound awesome. Also, Brian Muir deserves a medal for getting Trenched... I mean Iron Brigade made -Cloud Prix: very cool concept for a racing game, I like the physics play with magnets and clouds. Very cool.
  2. I really enjoy I, M, and O (the first round) for the bound up headdress, but with two hair tassels hanging down. This communicates the free spirit of SG without making her all out wild from the beginning. Maybe as the plot continues, more hair is shown as becomes more free and independent. I also like the amazing hairdo! Oh-la-la!
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