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  1. What happened at GDC 2015?

    Bad writing and sexism aren't mutually exclusive, though. it's true and i'm sorry that it isn't the other way edit: i'll try not responing anymore, cos i dont need a gamergate discussion in my life, it's extremely emotionally exhausting. Aha, well.. bye
  2. What happened at GDC 2015?

    Okay, let's talk about sexism, and any -ism for a minute. I'm willing to believe that you are someone who genuinely believes in equality, etc. As i can't validate my statement that i'm not sexist, simply because i said so on the internet, i can undersdand that you can think of me as an unconcious sexist. But saying everyone but us is unaware of their privilige is even bolder presumption. ...there are enough videos and text in the web which disect and analyze the channel, far better than i can do it with my bad grammar and my limited foreign vocabulary. i didn't want to enter those exact gamergate disputes because they are so nitpicking and people like to bash about it but as a male i also dont feel that i'm properly represented as a gender in many games. this is what i meant when i said aggresive. Maybe its subjective, maybe you really didn't found the videos developer and artist shaming. But i know i did. If they weren't there wouldn't be such distant and harsh sides on both end. it's hard for me when someone disregards my oppinion when i try to present it as honestly as i can, but we can't all be the same. and you don't think that's a problem, that she can basicly manipulate the narrative to give it a femreq + or a femreq -, depending if the deveoper supports her cause or not. i dont agree at all, with that whole statement.
  3. What happened at GDC 2015?

    it's not really about the joke, its about his vocal political stance. i don't want to discuss gamergate as i'm not suporting it but i'm strongly against femreq's vision of how an art form form should be treated. I hate seeing the same stereotipical characters over and over again but bad writing shouldnt be a problem about sexism. I hate the dispute that it implies that if i dont consider femreq's critique to be just or valuable to equality, i should be labeled as sexist, why? Why? I think of myself as an extreme advocate of equality, is it so hard to see that this position is extremely aggressive and one-sided? I respect Tim's voice, but i'm not a sexist
  4. The issue occurs when Vella enters the Cloud Colony for the first time. Since it would be a pain to start the game from the begining, i'll just add what i did as repro steps D:, not sure if nab tho. 1.Load save point after climbing the blue bird's nest for the first time 2.Fall down after trying to talk to a bird. 3.Enter the "room" on the left by double clicking 4.Immediately go back and click on the Harm'ny sign. (Never heard of him) 5.Notice how Vell acts like she knows everyone. D:
  5. Forum suggestion

    It would be helpful, if we had a sticky live thread with all the added bugs by location or some other tags. So it would be easier for us to not add duplicates. D:
  6. The issue occurs when Shay's head is shrinked. I've notice that some of his lines come in a high pitch voice, but some doesn't.
  7. Please consider the attachment for more details. D:
  8. And greetings from Bulgaria (: