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  1. Steam version: Camera/Map/Power navigation?

    Answering my own question... As it turns out I went back to the game, continued playing, and discovered the Left stick could also be used for Inventory/Power selection. The Left stick does not have the Up/Down inversion problem. It has been long enough since I played the Xbox version that I don't remember how I navigated those menus or if the Right stick had the same odd behavior. While I still think it would be nice if the Right stick functioned properly beyond the camera control I have at least found a less frustrating alternative. I love this game!
  2. PsychoPad - xbox 360 controller GUI unofficial patch

    I was hoping this might fix my issue with weird right stick behavior (see http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/13676/ ) but when I tried the DL link I got "Restricted Content This file is no longer available." :down: Any mirrors? (Of the file, mirrors listed in the original post just go to other forums and the DL links there appear to be dead too.) NM, found my answer... :down: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showpost.php?p=35406109&postcount=143 Waiting for voodooman to repost the file.
  3. Hi, I've played with the in game configuration but I can't get the Right-stick controls to behave the way I want them. I've also searched but came up with no relevant information. I have the First and 3rd person cameras set up the way I want them but for some strange reason on the Map, Inventory, and Psy Power menus Up/Down on the right stick are inverted. I can't figure out how to fix it. Please help! Thanks
  4. What happens afterwards?

    7) Profit!!! I can't believe no one said that yet. Anyway, I would be highly surprised if publishers weren't paying close attention to this. These are games we paid to vote for. It occurs to me that we are, in part, publishing these prototypes which effectively makes us publishers. Crowd-publishing?
  5. My votes: Hack n' Slash - This was my favorite idea because cheating isn't only an option, sometimes it's necessary. I also love the classic Zelda style. White Birch, Black Lake, The Flock - I love artsy games. The world needs more! Autonomous - for the idea of being able to create but not directly control robots. Honestly, I liked and voted on almost all of the pitches.