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    Perpetual student of the world and life. Always learning, always looking. Currently an academic/art student. I create things... Not the description you were looking for? Fine. I am a conjurer of worlds! Summoner of wild creatures! Imagineer of... things.
  1. To me, all of the documentary videos from 2PP & all of the detailed behind the scenes posts here on the backer forum by the DF crew over the past year has been more than I ever hoped for with my $30 backing. I believe my return on investment has been met and continues to be exceeded. I've received much entertainment, education, and a sense of being a part of a (semi-secret) community from the DFA/Reds/Broken Age project. Other backers may have put down their digital dollars for different reasons but this was mine. The finished game was just the icing on the cake. Many thanks to you Tim, the fine folks at Double Fine, and 2 Player Productions for letting me be a part of this experience. I'm looking forward to more updates, doc videos, and eventually the early access pre-release + final product (& also DF game club on Saturdays) .
  2. Now I can replace the makeshift wallpaper I nabbed off Broken Age website background image with an official one. Nice, thanks!
  3. I guess I'll put in my two cents - The Weighing of Souls Ultimately, whose hands do the fates of these two adventurers belong to? Yours.
  4. Saw our dear Mr. Tim Schafer making a brief appearance in a prerecorded part of the Sony presentation for the PS4 last night. Dude was looking lean compared to the November DFA episode. This green juice fast has definitely been working it's magic on him. Then again, it could be the wonders of Hollywood makeup magic.
  5. Boston is a good place to start your career as a convention cat herder. I hear they receive great benefit packages.
  6. Clear out the family portraits, it's DFA wallpaper time!
  7. I don't think I was here when the fun pills and sleds got passed out... This sounds all fine and dandy to me!
  8. I wonder if more and bigger storyboards could be shown. Would be great to see the idea progression of the animatic. I'm dying to see what Tim and Lee are grinning ear to ear about.
  9. Someone has claimed both the 2nd and 3rd keys. I just wished they were nice enough to let us know...
  10. Did the title of this Sidequest "It's all coming back to me" remind anyone of this Celine Dion song?
  11. - A slowly falling floating snowflake island. The landscape is a massive pattern of interconnecting ice fronds, acting as land bridges from one plaza + building to the next. These land bridges are multi-level. Standing over the edge, as you look down, you can see a vast network of platforms criss-crossing everywhere, ice ramps leading up to the level you're on as well as the level above you. The structures dotting the large plaza areas of these ice fronds are constructed entirely of glistening crystalline geometric lattices, with icicle spires darting towards the heavens. This whole world is an elegant yet delicately fragile piece of ice, right at the temperature point where water turns to ice. And as such, pools and ponds of water pepper the various areas of which the inhabitants of this world have sculptured fountains and reflecting pools from them. This borderline freezing point also brings about some dangers to this world, stirring up any of the bodies of water can cause a cascading effect of it turning violently into jagged growing ice that can crack the structures and land ice and any undue weight or friction concentrated into one area can cause it to melt or snap. Another element is the Sun, it's what's keeping the environment on the edge of water and ice. Every piece of thin ice can concentrate or dissipate this sunlight as well as it's reflections. This world is floating down, but down to where?
  12. - A girl's uterus during her menstrual cycle, moving and undulating all about - Melting clocks in a Salvador Dali painting - Underwater of a swampy pond upside down with the floor of the pond as the ceiling with nebulous clusters of long vegetation, seaweeds in one area, long lillies in another, a mountainous mass of translucent but cloudy fish eggs as if you yourself were shrunken down to the size of a nymph. - A long winding colon full of polyp lumps and "debris" during a colonoscopy - A field of rolling cotton candy hills, streets paved in licorice twists, with a number of rough spherical candy (NERDS) gravel roads branching from it, tall and wide taffy suspension bridges spanning over rivers of red bubblegum flavored soda (Big Red), one major street lined with wafer cookies carved into statues leading into town. I'm getting hungry and a toothache imagining this so I need to stop... - A cavern of wax, many stalagmites, stalagtites, all oozing and dripping of slow flowing warm wax... Gotta watch your step and any heat sources, solid can turn to liquid relatively quickly. Color of the wax cavern changes from one area to the next... a white wax waterfall...waxfall? - An intergalactic wormhole tunnel, where stars and planetary bodies have been sucked in and trapped, careening to their next destination (or end?) and being able to hop from one celestial body to the next, since everything in the wormhole seems so condensed and compressed. And being inside a wormhole, laws of physics are entirely out the window... one foot on a star, the other on a comet, holding a planet, head stuck in a nebula... I'm a galactic traveler bitches!
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