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  1. Exactly, thank you. This thread reminds me so much of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpUNA2nutbk#t=228 "Like, dude, how does the world owe you something you didn't even know existed 30 seconds ago?"
  2. I just checked the minimum requirements and it says Windows XP and DirectX 10. That can't be right since you can't get DX10 with Windows XP (at least without unofficial hacks). The GPU requirements are also kinda all over the place. Why would the Windows version need an HD 4870 if the Linux version can run with anything from the HD 2000 series?
  3. I haven't played it and I don't regret buying it.
  4. No. I meant that if you get at least 2 hours for every $10 you paid, you don't get to complain about the length. Whether those hours are any good, now that's a different matter. But if you ask me, a bad game doesn't get any better even if you add 10 more bad hours to it. I'm sorry if you thought this was gonna be 20-30 hours long.
  5. That's true, but part of it probably is that it's so widely accepted that a movie is 90 minutes or more. If someone released a summer 3D blockbuster that clocked in at 55 minutes, people probably WOULD complain about that... Obviously there is some kind of a lower limit (we can all probably agree 20 minutes would not be enough), we just don't have a consensus on where that line is exactly. Doesn't help that a game can cost anywhere from $3 to $70. For narrative-driven games, let me suggest 2 hours for every $10 as the Official Industry Standard.
  6. The Halo games probably cost $100+ million a piece, retail for $60-70 and manage to put out 6 hours of gameplay. Oh well.
  7. There's quite a bit of input lag and a lot of mouse acceleration going on. Of course it's not game-breaking (unlike, say, the mouse in Psychonauts. heh.) since this is a point-and-click and not an FPS/TPS. Unlike Psychonauts though, this was designed for mouse, so if you find some extra time to tweak that, it would be appreciated.
  8. Yeah man, sound waves are like totally inefficient for transmitting data. That's why I only read sheet music. It's, like, at least 18.72 times faster than playing the CD.
  9. Valve is an indie studio. So is CCP (Eve Online) with 600 employees. The hijacking of the term, when people actually mean "shoestring" or "what I happen to find cool", is a bit annoying. Also, it's an investment and not a handout (I would think). Does anyone think Indie Fund is actually gonna lose money on this? So anyway congrats Double Fine and congrats me for that is two more cool games I get to play in the semi-near future!
  10. Oh man, you're probably gonna have to do some damage control PR at some point. People were already whining and painting you as the villain just because you DARED to start a SECOND Kickstarter. Because people are retarded. Now you have L I T E R A L L Y (note: not literally) stolen all that money from some Platonic idea of an indie developer that supposedly exists somewhere just waiting for their chance to make the next Minecraft. Everyone knows if you have more than two people working on a game or someone is actually getting paid, you're not Indie enough brah. I personally couldn't care less about those people and their opinions but I guess you might and probably have to. The thing is, the eventual idiotic backlash that always happens with these sorts of things can be almost as huge as the initial support and enthusiasm. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that people are already turncoating and trying to paint Kickstarter as some sort of horrible and evil scam. It's idiotic and infuriates me so much (ok so I guess I could care slightly less), but it's a thing that is happening and probably has to be dealt with somehow. You've got an amazing and impeccable rep with pretty much everyone from gamers to critics to gaming press and I really don't want to see that melt away.
  11. I think there's still a stronger culture of buying stuff for your phone on the iPhone side. But Android is getting there.
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