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  1. Some of you might be interested in this: Seems to be a straight-up SCUMM homage. You can vote for it on Greenlight to get it on Steam:
  2. Or... name exactly half of the copies after the girl and the other half after the boy and randomly refer to the game with either name and if an interviewer is like "WTF" never explain anything to them. 8)
  3. Tim's Excellent Juice Recipes?

    So did you mean this as a good thing or a bad thing? Like you said, lactose is a problem because you can't use it yourself (unless you're a lactose-tolerant mutant).
  4. Tim's Excellent Juice Recipes?

    He did mention he's adding some probiotics in the mix though.
  5. I really don't understand this, it would be a horrible title. "Bioware RPG" "Valve Shooter" Ok maybe slightly less horrible than those. But not much.
  6. Tim's Excellent Juice Recipes?

    Ok, this dude wins the thread:
  7. I think that Schafer/Gilbert idea mostly came from the press coverage. Gaming sites were namedropping Ron as soon as they saw him in the video.
  8. Do you not understand what a code name is? Literally the ONLY function of a code name is that the team can refer to the project as Reds internally, instead of That New Adventure Game We're Working On You Know The One With The Kickstarter.
  9. Not really. Reading this thread I've had to roll my eyes so many times I'm getting a headache.
  10. And you would know this because? Really, I don't see a poll being very useful in this situation because we just don't know that much. It would be like naming The Lord of the Rings "Old Forest Adventure". Now that I think about it though, many great things have VERY generic names but they aren't any worse for it. Fallout? The Office? Hamlet??
  11. If only people were free to choose how they spend their money and which projects they back or don't back. But, alas, Fargo has again literally stolen millions of dollars from 46 000 people who absolutely didn't want to back the project. Because as everybody knows, the word nostalgia will physically force your hand to write in credit card details and authorize payment against your will.
  12. Ron Gilbert Leaves Double Fine

    Hahahah, oh god. What are you, five?
  13. Tim's Excellent Juice Recipes?

    Yep, a) It's absolutely possible to get all amino acids and every other nutrient (even B12, though that's a bit tricky) from a completely vegan diet. and b) It's generally speaking easier to do that with a mixed/lacto-ovo diet -- you don't have to pay as much attention to what you're eating. This isn't an argument for or against veganism, these are just the facts and people still get them wrong sometimes.
  14. Ooh, pretty table. I like to think every one of those is a single backer. Obscure reference time: "And the sheet was full of green cells, and every cell a happy backer — one of ours." I was hoping it didn't stand for Nathan Stapley.
  15. Wrap up episode?

    I wouldn't really mind if you got rid of the live streaming. I loved the docs but didn't really watch the stream. But that's just my own personal. Maybe you could only stream every other day? And/or focus on 1 or 2 teams per day. That way every team would get days off (from being streamed).
  16. High-pitched noise coming from GPU

    Yeah, that whine usually happens when a game runs at like 1000 fps, so basically in menus and load screens if the game doesn't internally limit frames. So vsync should pretty much fix it. Still, the menus are a very different task for the GPU to render compared to the actual game so if you have a card that's generally prone to whining I guess it could still be noticeable. I had a motherboard once that whined when I scrolled web pages or resized the windows or even just moved the mouse. That was pretty annoying.
  17. Well, I'm sure many have bought the slacker backer thing for a friend etc. I think it's even preferable for Double Fine if people slacker back instead of just putting that $30 in the tip jar... I would think? Also, the people here in these forums are "just" the most active 1% of all backers.
  18. Sure, they've been making it in secret for the last two years, even the 2PP guys didn't pick up anything about it iin the hundreds of hours of video they've shot. Anyway, it was awesome to see Tim in there, though I have no idea what he said cause the stream was skipping like mad and audio dropped. They also had the Braid guy as an actual guest showing off The Witness which was cool.
  19. Calling it now, Psychonauts 2 as a PS4 launch title.
  20. Tim's Excellent Juice Recipes?

    "Detoxing" (in this sense) is mostly nonsense. Although I guess there's a chance we could be talking about something similar to this: Reintoxication: the release of fat-stored tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) into blood is enhanced by food deprivation or ACTH exposure
  21. Tim's Excellent Juice Recipes?

    Seriously though, it probably IS the diet. Or rather rapid weight loss combined with a very low-fat diet, like kam posted. It's a pretty well known issue apparently (though not to me, not until this) that occasionally happens in these cases. It might still be worth it in the end because being fat is seriously not fun either (I would know). Hopefully Mr. Schafer can manage it without needing surgery, it's never fun losing organs no matter how puny or non-essential. These guys hang in your gall bladder and when they start to move around it feels kinda funny. D: Ok that seems like an extreme case, don't panic yet Tim! Here's the article. Links might be not safe for mind.
  22. When is this game coming out?

    There's no "bad PR", there's a couple of entitled whiners on the forums. Granted there's less of those than I would've expected so good job I guess.
  23. Tim's Excellent Juice Recipes?

    Whoa... wait, a pound per day? Is that even physically possible? A pound of fat should contain about 4 086 kcal (assuming 100 grams = 900 kcal, 1 pound = 454 grams) so you would need to have a daily calorie deficit of 4 086 to burn that much fat! One could maybe achieve that by eating absolutely nothing and being quite active during the day... I don't doubt that's what you're measuring, but I'm guessing a chunk of that has to be water and stuff. ...did I just write a post contemplating Tim Schafer's bodily fluids? Oh, Internet.