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  1. Reds Coming to OUYA!

    Yeah, let's pay a couple hundred large for console licenses and then use up all the remaining months making console ports.
  2. Oh man, that's gonna escalate so fast. A couple of years from now and they won't even look at applications that don't have at least a couple of hours of gameplay with working puzzles and dialogue trees and cutscenes. Better get in quick, people...
  3. Psychonauts was the first game he unequivocally praised.
  4. Double Fine Technology Rundown

    I'm pretty sure I saw Decoda being used somewhere in the DFA videos. I only noticed because it's made by Unknown Worlds (another SF based company, makers of Natural Selection 2!) who I'm also a fan of and have been following closely.
  5. When is this game coming out?

    Yeah I'm sorry you misunderstood, but it was never going to be October 2012 unless they only got the $400k from Kickstarter. Like Tim said in the doc, the original budget plan was for $300k/3 people/6 months. After the Kickstarter ended the revised plan was more like $2.2M/11 people/12 months. So it was pretty clear it was going to take at least a year.
  6. Yes, but surely DFA wasn't the first game EVER on Kickstarter, even if it probably was orders of magnitude bigger than anything before it. In any case, I backed maybe five games last year and if NONE of those EVER released anything playable, I would of course be disappointed and sad but I'd still think it was a decent way to spend some money. It is sort of a pre-order system, but then again not really. People need to remember that.
  7. The only Kickstarter game I've played so far is FTL and it is awesome. Although it seems it was more of a "we have this playable thing already, help us finish and release it", rather than a completely new thing that didn't exist at all at the start of the Kickstarter campaign. Are there actually any games made from scratch that have been released yet?
  8. This is pretty cool, I just hope potential new buyers will realize the games really are prototypes with 15-30 minutes of gameplay each, before shelling out $45 for them. The documentary (which is pretty awesome) is the real meat and potatoes here in my opinion.
  9. I know pricing on mobile games is a bit... special, but would be kinda weird to sell the exact same game for $15 on PC and $5 on Android.
  10. Everything you said is absolutely correct. I just meant that as awesome as this Kickstarter has been, it isn't (hopefully) the only thing keeping DF afloat. And like I said DFA is kind of a special case as they do actually make a profit for every copy sold after release. Only question is, how many copies is that? I have no idea.
  11. What the hell are you talking about? I really don't see your point here at all. Did you think I was suggesting they take on a $10 million loan for this? What would happen is they could pay the salaries for those people so they don't have to fire them before the game is released. And then pay back the debt quickly with the inevitable profits that come when the games is released (of which 100% goes to DF, since there's no investors or publishers and all the expenses for making the game are already paid for). My point was that if the options are a) run out of money a month before release, fire a few employees and release the game with horrible bugs or b) get that small amount (like a few dozen k's) of money SOMEWHERE (bank loan or even personal funds or whatever) and finish the game properly, it's pretty obvious what is the better choice. That is all. They can not NOT sell so many copies of the game they wouldn't be able to pay that back on the first day of release. And still make a profit and a great product. But this is getting ridiculous, is purely theoretical and obviously none of my business anyway, so I'll stop here. You do realize they are an actual medium sized company and DFA is just one smallish project they have going on?
  12. That's not how it works. How is Future Money going to help out the present situation? Unless you are implying that they should go into debt and hope that future pre-orders cover it. Sure, I mean why not? Not hugely in debt obviously, but if they would have to drop some content otherwise or release it with horrible bugs or whatever. It's obvious the game will sell actual "retail" copies too after release and I guess that's straight up profit for DF? Also I can't believe a company like Double Fine wouldn't have some cash or emergency funds tucked away somewhere.
  13. I love how Greg is always hovering around in every scene. Producing yo.