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  1. Come on, October! If it was close to done in May it seems like they were/are aiming for Halloween '16. I've saved reading the comic until this year because I'm done with the games and DLC and Halloween wouldn't feel right without some CQ love, but it'd be so awesome to see the cartoon too.
  2. I'd wager a lot depends on how the Frederator 'Costume Quest' animated short turns out. If someone gets excited about making more toons then it'll be easier to make more games too. DF has been getting friendly with Adult Swim (Headlander game). Possibilities? I really hope we see more, and with a bigger budget, because CQ has become a major part of my Halloween spirit in recent years.
  3. Thanks for the soft wrap up. After three years of feeling like a part of the company that's a great way to end this adventure. Call us anytime you need it to rain money.
  4. Here's a partial playthrough of the Mnemonic prototype with . Unfortunately the youtuber is a bit lost and doesn't solve any perspective puzzles. I don't think anyone on the forums had access to the dev kit at the time, so no impressions here.
  5. Right, I understand your point KestrelPi but like AAIA says, without a simulated depth of field Mnemonic's visual tricks could work very well in 3D. It's hard to picture for sure. Worst case scenario, close one eye when you're narrowing in on a puzzle. ;p
  6. Wasn't Oculus support tested for Mnemonic during AF? Maybe it was just mentionned. I don't think stereoscopic vision would spoil the puzzles because your brain resolves two images into one. Maybe it'd be more challenging to code the appopriate places where the game knows you're seeing what it wants you to see, but I think if anything it would be better with VR. LEAP can be used for 3D manipulation but I wouldn't want to move through a 3D world using it, I don't think.
  7. Mnemonic seems like the kind of project that could get funding from somewhere that has a vested interest in VR. It's such a smart, moody, experiential game - perfect for Vive or Morpheus. (Or indeed Oculus and that fat Facebook cash.) Super curious what systems-based game Tim will be dreaming up as his next project.
  8. Man, what a journey. You have earned every cent, every accolade a hundred times over. My respect for DF is beyond measure, it's a little bit like love now. I can't wait to play the full game. xo
  9. Everyone was looking a little haunted in the last Episode and being a backer is like being an honorary part of the team. You can feel the pressure. (immersive documenting!) I'm so pleased the end of development is in sight and the tension will finally turn into excitement for the release and the relief and satisfaction of a job well done. I can't wait to play Act 2. And to see what's next for Double Fine beyond this (maybe after everyone has had a day or three vacation)
  10. 2015 is already looking really good; Grim, the completion of Broken Age, Massive Chalice. DF has been so inclusive of its fans in the last two years, my appreciation of them has really increased. Being an independent and experimental company is about the most dangerous thing you can be in this industry, and my figurative hat is off to each and every one of them. :note to self, buy a hat:
  11. It does rile me up when I read people twisting the truth, or not even that, people who you can see don't even care to understand it because they have the opportunity to bash something. Anonymity + ignorance + ego... it's a bad combination and happens everywhere to everything. For my part, I've upvoted all of the DF games I own on Steam - almost all of which have very strong ratings and I'm sure will stay that way. And I'm always posting my enthusiasm for new games on Facebook and Twitter. I think the genuine responses are a lot more powerful than the typical background hate-noise of the internet.
  12. I wish all the best to those 12 fine folks. Unfortunate news, stay strong DF. Your creativity, goodness of spirit and hard work will pay off in the end.
  13. Apparently it's showing up as Oct.30th in the Euro Wii U eShop. Fingers crossed! (Source: https://twitter.com/rifraff_NM/status/526721748386201600/photo/1) EDIT: Just checked the UK store and it's definitely listed for Thursday. Looking good!
  14. To be fair most gamers get their news from gaming/news hubs not from the developers' websites. It's pretty common knowledge there are console versions coming, only thing we need is a release date. In Double Fine We Trust.
  15. I need my Wii U version ASAP. Wishing you a smooth launch, Double Fine team!
  16. I've always thought the game has looked very interesting and had a talented team, but it hasn't seemed finished enough for me to plunk down money. It's a shame if development is wrapping up prematurely as I imagine a lot of people would bite when there's more of a complete experience there.
  17. Ah yeah! I finally beat CQ1 (yes, that's the official abbreviation now!) & Grubbins on Ice last Halloween. Although I'm sure the PC version will be the ultimate one, I love this is coming to consoles again. You gotta play these games sitting on the floor in front of your television while eating nostalgic candy.
  18. Everyone who wants to support the team financially, don't forget you can gift slacker backers to your friends. Just write their name/email in the PayPal message field when you buy it. :^)
  19. I wish this had aired before Amnesia Fortnight so people had felt more inclined to be spendy with the bundle. (spendy is a word, don't look it up). You can still increase your order amount for that, btw. Ka-ching. Godspeed REDS team!
  20. I caught the bundle at the 11th hour, I only recently had time to watch the videos and start to check out the prototypes. Amazing fortnight. I wish there was still a way to buy the bundle, I would definitely gift it to a couple of friends now I know just how cool it all is.
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