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    I have two main purposes: The Creation of Creative Interactive Productions and Supporting Local Art and Artists in the realm of Advancing Media.
  1. Every line of code takes time and money. Having to add the (47,946 @ $15 + 24,636 @ $30 + 1,090 @ $60 =) 73,672 backers to list at the end is a lot of extra work; and to be honest I'd rather you spend that time (and money) on Act 2. Not to mention that it was outside the scope of the offerings from the kickstarter below the $100 tier. Would it be out of the question to change the "Backers" title listed in the credits to "Premium Backers"? I may not have dropped crisp hundred dollar bill for this project, but I am still a "Backer" aren't I? Regardless of the outcome, thank you for hearing my small, and perhaps silly, request. I love'd Act 1. Simply marvellous! Took me back to the first two games that grabbed me as a child: Torin's Passage & Full Throttle.
  2. I prefer the longer episodes, even if I have to wait for them!
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