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  1. I heard a rumor that the nightmares used to be the bosses in Milla's mind...maybe that's what the door was for?
  2. How about both? Some could be gnomy invaders and some could defend the town from the evil of the gnomes. Or something.
  3. Yes, they just haven't been written yet...in my pants.
  4. It's good if you can find it. I got my copy off ebay...Lowest price I could find was around 35 bucks. It was totally worth it though.
  5. YES! Oh, I want one now >,< Yeah! I would want a pack of like, ten of them so I could have my own little bunny army sitting on and around my computer :lol:
  6. Mmm, I love to eat those Munchie things, with the doritos and cheetos and pretzels and such.
  7. Well, I'm not playing too much right now (a little busy with school starting and all that), but I'm really looking forward to Phoenix Wright 3 coming out in October. And I'm planning on getting Bioshock soon...
  8. OMG those are awesome! I really love the lil Sasha one We should get ones like these for use on the forums, kind of like the ones they have at Court Records (a major Phoenix Wright forum).
  9. Hmm, I bet you could get an older one for a pretty good price (like, a regular DS, not a DS lite). They're really good if you like adventure games and such.
  10. Hand of Doom...in my pants (Black Sabbath) You and Me...in my pants (Alice Cooper) Tyrant...in me pantaloons (The Bravery)
  11. Kitty

    An inside tip

    Big Lots is the crustiest store ever! I only go in there for like, toilet paper. Walmart isn't crusty, it's just ghetto and full of cheap crap. Kind of like my grandparents' garage.
  12. Oh, I totally agree! Can you imagine how awesome having a set of those would be? I demand them. Now!
  13. I would buy it for the PC first...but then I would buy it for the DS so I could take it with me wherever I go! Happiness and joy, riding around in portable form in my pocket.
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