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  1. The steam config was the first thing I tried. It has the exact same config settings as the mac already does.
  2. you have to use the ./testjoystick from the folder you are where it lives. anyway I tried the sdljoytest, and it shows that the ps3 controller is connected, but wouldn't do anything for the test. I then tried to get that to show anything. I finally managed to make the sdljoytest show me moving the controller after pairing the controller to my mac in bluetooth, which I don't have to do in steam. However, even after this works, the Cave app store app still doesn't see a controller.
  3. Well I have the mac app store version and I haven't been able to get it to work with ANY controller. Pretty disappointed in that.
  4. I read that this should work for example on the steam version, but I bought the app store version ... Anyone know how to make it work? ps3 controller plugged in to mac? Want to use two so I can do coop.
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