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  1. I'm disappointed very sad Tim! We have payed for a documentary but this documentary is avaiable only fpr english people or for who understand american spoken...not for me! 2PP open a Subtitle project i have spent a lot of time on it, but this project are abandoned from months! So, we play the game the NEXT JULY and can't view documentary because no one post documentary with english subtitles! I want to speak well in English for say all my frustration! Goodbye for ever i'm not more interested in your project because are only for American People, not for all! I have payes for EFIGS games and dcumentary not for waiting all my life!!!!!!
  2. OMG this game is the neverending story! It's all so nice, so funny, so late, so colored, so prepayed... i hope that all this time is not only for a 2 hours game! So frustrating to wating
  3. Nice update but... we wait this game from a lot of time! I hope that BA will be not short 2-3hours!
  4. Last update: 6 months ago. Status project: "de facto" Abandoned. Situation: Only USA and english spoken backers can understand the documentary! So... all the non english spoken backers only have pay for a service reserverd to English and American friends. So... our reward is... to serve! Very disappointed
  5. Thanks for your post my friend. For non english-speaking persons is very hard to understand all threads. I understand that some problem are occurred, but i Think that a simple post "Ehy guys, wait please!" could be efficentrly and respectful. I love Double Fine and what i have seen about DFA, reallyt I don't want to be pedantic. Maybe some problems can be fixed with our help...
  6. Well, honestly I'm a bit disappointed. Great project, but 2PP have abandoned subtitles project 3 months ago without a word! I love DFA but is important that EFIGS support will be released not only for the game but for the documentary too. Sure kickstarter project only say on efigs support for the game but this documentary is made with the money of all backer so is logic that EFIGS subtitles are really importants! My english is basic, not accurate, so i can understand something writted but not only spoken! At today, from the video, I don't understand is bagel are a type of french bread, and if the lumberjack are only a sample or a real character of the game! So please reopen this initiative, post other trascription in english and we are all happy to translate in other languages! I really dont know if someone of DF or 2PP see this post, but I really hope of yes! Thanks
  7. cH9rzinwX2M I remember! Domino is not a boss, and no octopus are killed in LucasArts games! Well, maybe blinded, but not killed! Domino die yes, but is already Dead so... Well, the point is that Graphic Adventures are not the same genre that (Action) Adventures!
  8. Oh... mmm... how say it...? This is a Graphic Adventure... no bosses, no monsters... I know it's ridiculous to think that in this kind of games you have to combine objects and talk, without killing anyone and your character will NOT die! Why Double Fine does not build a normal game where you can kill everything that moves, even in DX16? PS- Yes, i'm a bit ironic!
  9. I will love an atypical dress, not only exotic but more "Alien" so a removable dress wrap is an a good idea, like a diamond face or strange hair like "J" Obviously the dress should be ceremonial... the girl will be sacrificed! That's why a "transformation" of the uncomfortable ceremonial dress into something more wild is an idea that I like.
  10. What you mean? Obviously here we can help, to offer to the community subtitles in many different languages. But this is not the game, it's the documentary! The EFIGS support are intended for the game and I suppose will be entrusted to professionals.
  11. my favorite is the girl in the second colored concept (art9_SG02_color.jpg) Beauty, Regal, independent, rebellious, wild, indomitable. Girl of Sacrifice, for me must to be in these terms! A Great Spirit, a complex personality! Need an important name this girl! Don0t try to use a name like Hope... ;-)
  12. To Italian translators: Ciao ragazzi, le due traduzioni sono pronte, sarebbe necessario che le controllaste e apportaste le modifiche che ritenete necessarie cosi possiamo commentarle su Amara e considerarle chiuse per passare agli altri episodi appena saranno resi disponibili su Amara!
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