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  1. I love soundtrack music, and when playing Breath of the Wild, I find that I spend a good deal of time poking around Hyrule Castle just because I love the music so much.
  2. When I got my Switch, I bought a bundle from GameStop that included Zelda, Mario Kart 8, and ARMS. So far, I don't really like ARMS at all. There's no story--it's just a janky boxing game where gameplay rewards you with unlocks for more glove types/weapons.
  3. I meant Rito. I don't remember the names of the beasts.
  4. I've only defeated two of the Divine Beasts (Rito and Zora), but I'm well on my way to accessing both of the remaining two. My current task has been to collect and upgrade non-amiibo armor sets. I've also bought a second Hylian set so that I can have one black set and one white (having watched various YouTube videos with people in a white hood and I liked it.) I am not playing the game mostly-guide-free anymore. I decided that I had Nintendo Power when playing Zelda back in the day, so I'm using zeldadungeon.net's map to help me find shrines and koroks. ...when I go looking for shrines and koroks. I haven't been /actively/ hunting for them lately, at least on Normal Mode, as upgrading armor is proving to be very time consuming. In addition, I also started a Master Mode file--since having defeated Ganon on Normal Mode already. I'm not far in that game, but have managed to reach Pondo's Lodge (snowball bowling). My goal in Master Mode is to: make enough money and farm enough Guardians that I can purchase the Ancient Armor and upgrade it; meanwhile, locate enough shrines for heart containers to get the Master Sword. And avoid combat as much as possible until then. Combat in Master Mode is SUPER difficult, but I know from Normal Mode that Hyrule Castle is littered with good quality, respawning weapons. So if I can get the Master Sword, the castle should be fair game to fill my inventory with decent weapons (given how the sword reacts while there). Basically, my objective in Master Mode is to get to where I don't die to bokoblins all the time.
  5. I've been playing this game for several dozen hours now. I don't recall how many. So much so that I'm addicted to it. I love this game. It's fantastic. But the catch is I've played several other open world games before, and so certain aspects feel derivative. Yes, the towers in BOTW are better than those in Assassin's Creed. Yes, the open world action swordplay is better than in Shadow of Mordor. Yes, this game takes solid gamplay mechanics, improves them, adds fantastic story and dialogue, and rolls them into one amazing experience. But sometimes I'm playing the game and I feel like I've done these things in other games, even though this does it better. This is in contrast to other Zelda games, where no one else does it quite like Zelda. If any other game copies Zelda gameplay, it's them copying it--not it copying them. It's as though Zelda basically wrote the book on action adventure games. But Breath of the Wild is largely consolidating and improving on existing mechanics from other properties. There are movies that I love that do this--like Star Wars. I love Star Wars. But I haven't seen the films and serials from which it was derived, and so I don't compare it to them. So that's why I'm perplexed about where Breath of the Wild sits on my personal list of favorite Zelda games. It's wonderful, but it's derivative; while the other 3D games are original but formulaic. And I don't mind the formula because it just works.
  6. I got the Master Sword... after trading in some stamina at the one place. Then I had the bright idea of going to retrieve the Hylian Shield from the castle. But then, when I discovered there was a shrine there, I got lost looking for the right entrance to get to it. Before I realized where I was going, I ended up walking right into the Sanctum. Ganon is in the Sanctum. And I had only completed half of the Beasts. I didn't think I was going to survive by a long shot, but I tried it anyway. ...I won. I beat him. And BOY HOWDY was he hard. Now I'm going to go complete the rest of everything (except getting the Golden Poo).
  7. Still playing Breath of the Wild. I'm working on upgrading my armor sets (having bowled for rupees at length to unlock remaining fairies). My God, this game is massive. Running around the countryside looking for hearty bass and lizalfos tails. I dyed my Zora set yellow, and my current best armor set is Ancient (chest and legs at lvl 4). I'm going to start looking to collect all of the non-amiibo clothing.
  8. Case in point: Here I am tonight at the top of Gerudo Summit (one of the highest points of terrain in the game) after having just filled in the complete map at Gerudo Tower. I have 4 max hearts (albeit >+50% stamina). While I was near the Gerudo Tower, I wanted to check the summit for a Shrine to create a warp point there or nearby. I'm also trying to keep strategy guide use to a minimum, whereas with The Legend of Zelda for NES, I and my family relied heavily on Nintendo Power to know what we were doing. I think I wouldn't have liked LOZ much if I had spent my time mapping the world out on graph paper or farting around on Death Mountain for hours looking for a Power Bracelet that I didn't even know was there. And LOZ can be 100% completed in an afternoon.
  9. Okay, I think I know what my issue is: I haven't been doing much of the story. I've been doing as much of the main quests as I needed to, and then wandered off on a personal quest to activate all of the towers, or acquire the ancient armor (which I don't have yet because I need 6k rupees). I don't have bomb arrows. I've started the Captured Memories quest, and the story is fantastic. So, yeah.
  10. For now, yes, due to the hype. But in the long term down the road, I don't see how this game can be compared to the others. Among the myriad of other things, exploration is key in this game. It's not just that you can wander in a random direction if you so choose; the game doesn't remotely tell you how to get to a destination. It's not that you can climb cliffs; you have to. All the time. It's not bad. It's not better. It's just different. The gameplay is more different than it is similar to any previous titles. And that's what gets me. It's so different that there's very little comparison to be made. Plus, this game is brutally difficult just on the standard difficulty setting, without even getting into Hero Mode.
  11. Okay, I've played plenty of Breath of the Wild by now and...wait for it... I can't say it's my favorite Zelda game. It's sooo different from the other games. I know people who complain about previous 3D Zeldas being too formulaic, but because this Zelda game so different in style, scope, and difficulty, et al., that comparing Breath of the Wild to Twilight Princess or Wind Waker is almost completely unfair. It's almost a completely different genre of game.
  12. I found one DLC chest on Great Plateau today and it was
  13. Yes, Yes, I got the DLC. I haven't encountered or used any of it yet, though.
  14. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild OH MY GOSH this game is awesome. Wow.
  15. Why wouldn't you want physical copies? Because I like to have my media instantly available. It's nothing new for me. I was ripping my PC software CDs to mountable disc images 15 years ago; I ripped my Wii and GameCube games to play via USB Launcher on my Wii; and all of my movies and shows are on a Plex Media Server. There actually are several factors in this for me: Can the physical media form be ripped to digital? Can the digital media form be downloaded from the cloud and permanently stored locally? How easy is the digital platform to use? Is digital/physical cheaper? How many other media files do I have on a given digital platform ? And more factors to be sure, that I haven't worked out as I type this. I have bought many a game from Steam because they were inexpensive and easily accessible. But then I also was buying more games on Steam or GOG... because I had games on Steam or GOG. I won't buy games on Origin or UPlay, even if they didn't suck horribly, if the same game was available on Steam or GOG at the same price because I like to concentrate my media to only a few platforms. And not just digital items. If I can get copies of my old Nintendo games on my new Switch, I will. I did so on my Wii; and I much prefer that solution over having an NES, SNES, N64, Wii, and Switch all set up together so I could play any console. I'd rather have the one console that can play games from previous generations. Meanwhile, I've discovered I hate Amazon's digital video platform. I much prefer purchasing movies from Google to watch on YouTube... but then neither Google nor Amazon allow for free permanent offline storage (or have DRM that is easy to break.) So I find myself buying DVDs and Blurays, not because I want physical copies, but because they are easy to use to make local digital copies. Plus, with the advent of Plex Media Server, I can watch my entire local digital movie library on the go on a mobile device. This makes the advantage of building a library of purchases on YouTube moot. The problem with playing old school games via emulators on a computer is that the experience is different. For one thing, I'm not sure I feel right pirating my entire old school library; for another, emulator menu interfaces are subpar compared to commercial UI; and third, I like playing Nintendo games on a Nintendo console. So someday I might buy a physical Switch game if it is significantly cheaper than digital, but at present the games are all similarly priced and not worth giving up the convenience of digital. EDIT: Plus, the Switch has SD Card-sized carts which makes them easier to lose and I can't show off my Switch library on a shelf if they're all living in a travel case.