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  1. Apparently, PewDiePie got a takedown notice for one of his Firewatch streams because he said n****r. I was sort of only half paying attention to the story (because I don't care for Pewds' content) until I read that it is Sean Vanaman (formerly of TTG) who founded the developer in question. EDIT: I've removed the video of PDP saying that word. People can easily find it on YouTube with a quick search if they want to see it - TG
  2. I did start playing KH2:HD, but I keep coming back to Breath of the Wild to play on the side. My Switch says I've played it for 295+ hours, and I'm giving serious thought to starting a new (third) file with a different strategy this time. I just wish the game had more than one save file (per difficulty) so I could start a new one on the same Switch profile without deleting an old one. I don't really need multiple profiles on my Switch for just myself. The longer I play Breath of the Wild, the more I love it. I feel I need to go back and play WW and TP again before I can declare BOTW my favorite, but I can say this: it blows every other open-world game I've played out of the water. I might have felt satisfied with not needing to play Shadow of Mordor or Assassin's Creed anymore, having had my fill, but with this game there is guaranteed no need to ever remotely touch them ever again.
  3. It just doesn't work the same. Women are not 1:1 swappable with men (nor vice versa). Granted, yes, most of it would work, but the devil is somewhat in the details. There's a nuance to the character interaction and how the audience reacts to them. I'm just saying there's a certain charm that doesn't necessarily translate when substituting one sex for the other. I'm not trying to shoot down the whole idea of it. I'm just saying color me skeptical of it hitting the right notes in the right places like the original did. The joke doesn't work because it's one thing for a guy to accuse another guy of having no dick. It's another for a woman to accuse a guy of it in front of other women, nor do I know what female body part one woman could accuse another woman of having a lack thereof that could, from an audience perspective, be considered a (decent) joke. Fake boobs? ...nah. Fake shoes? although... it does make me think of a joke from Monster-in-Law where the grandmother-in-law(-in-law) accused the mother-in-law of drinking red wine from a box. And just remembering that makes me laugh. So maybe...
  4. I'm pretty sure Peter Venkman's character, especially when interacting with/hitting on women (Dana: "That's the bedroom, but nothing ever happened in there." Peter: "...What a crime.") would not have translated well if roles were gender swapped. In general, women's attitudes towards sex and/or romance are different, so it would have been odd for a Dean Barrett to brush off a Petra Venkman's overt sexual advances. EDIT: Also, certain jokes wouldn't work: Ray: Everything was fine with our system until the power grid was shut off by dickless here. Walter Peck: They caused an explosion! Mayor: Is this true? Peter: Yes it's true. This man has no dick.
  5. I'm tired of classic game compilations like Namco Museum. I am interested in Dig Dug, Pac-Man and Galaga. I am not interested in anything else in the bundle. And I am not interested in paying $30 for those three games. I understand that a compilation can get people to pay more money for more well-known classic games because the lesser-known games probably wouldn't sell on their own. But at the same time, I feel that a compilation like this doesn't make sense in a digital format. As a physical game, yes. The physical media costs money to manufacture and takes up real-world space. But on the digital market you're just burying individual games one more menu deeper from the main screen and bloating the software with menu items the consumer may not want. Plus, bandwidth and hard drive space is cheap these days. It wouldn't cost that much to have eShop store entries for each game.
  6. The Book of Henry, however, did not. Though also a critical failure is not the same as a box office failure. From what I'm reading about Jurassic World, having not seen it myself, it was really only critically praised as a good popcorn movie. Star Wars films are not popcorn movies.
  7. I find myself increasingly happy with the portability of the Switch. It almost makes me wonder why I brushed off the idea of ever owning a 3DS. And, as happens with new consoles for me, I am constantly looking for new titles from various genres to fill my library. I know it will take time to fill out the Switch's catalogue, but I'm really excited to see what games are coming out for it. On a side note, I went into a local GameStop recently to see what Switch games they had. They had a handful of games, with several on an "Upcoming" shelf, in what felt like a disappointingly small selection. However, if you simply go to the Switch's eShop, their catalogue is increasingly satisfying to browse through. It was weird. Aside from PC gaming, I can't recall a time when I walked into a store looking at physical games and thought it was a waste of time compared to the online selection. Mind you, no matter the selection, I would have bought digital anyway and I have no loyalty to buying digital from GameStop. Also, I could appreciate Netflix on Switch, but really I just want Plex. I use my media server a lot more than I use Netflix.
  8. How many of you guys own a Switch or are considering getting one at this point? I just bought a Switch Pro Controller, and it really does feel solid.
  9. Looked at my backlog and realized I never played my copy of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix. So back to the PS3 and started playing Kingdom Hearts II, especially in preparation for the upcoming KH3.
  10. Nice. You convinced me to go take a look at it. That Hylian set was dyed green. I have both a black set and a white set.
  11. I just discovered that the The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses symphony orchestra is going to be in Oklahoma City in December. I bought tickets for myself and my wife.