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  1. Thanks Lee for taking the time to do this - it looks awesome and these little bite-sized videos are a real treat. It's great to see the game evolving, and the fact that we get to play the finished product is like the icing on the cake.
  2. I'd be very pleased if there were a way to stream the documentary at some point in the future. I donated more to watch the process of game development than download and play the prototypes - and due to time, convenience & bandwidth issues I haven't managed to watch the daily episodes. (sad face) Thanks, Michael
  3. I managed to watch episode 1 using this method, now I want to watch episode 2 and am having difficulty "scrubbing" through the video to the point I want. Basically, I was able to do this earlier, but now I get no slider to skip back and forth so I'm not able to go to the episode I want. It kinda makes sense - I clicked "Watch Live" to access the 2PP videos that are streamed during the off hours. If this were "live" then you wouldn't normally expect to be able to skip forwards. The weird thing is, I have done this before. I don't know if the website is erratic or I'm just looking in the wrong place. Standard definition version would be very welcome, otherwise I suppose I'll just have to gut my monthly download cap and leave the browser downloading the files for a couple of hours then come back and watch them. Michael
  4. +1 for the HD downloads being too large! :-) I thought it might be possible to add some Vimeo embedded players right here on the forum, hopefully they wouldn't chew up the same bandwidth as the HD downloads? Michael
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. It took me a while to figure out what you meant, and how that time counter works. I've had another attempt but had difficulty skipping to the right point in that stream corresponding with the episode I want to watch. It may be my geographic location, it's quite laggy when I skip back and forth, then sometimes the audio disappears or gets out of sync. I might try again later - but in the meantime if anyone figures out how to make these episodes stream easily in lower quality please let me know! Thanks, Michael
  6. +1 for having difficulty viewing the 2PP daily videos. Was about to sit down for an evening viewing session but had to abort because it got too hard. For me in Chrome, the HumbleBundle page has (currently) 6 videos downloadable, and episode six in an embedded flash player which looks like it's streaming through Vimeo. For the other 5, Chrome just wants to download the whole thing. I too am in New Zealand with a crappily restrictive download cap so would like to watch these but not chew up too much bandwidth. I'd expect that if I leave the player embedded in the browser, i.e. not in fullscreen mode, and watch the entire episode, that Vimeo will send less data than if I fullscreen it. Although, I'm not positive on that and willing to be corrected. Does anyone have links to where we can see them all in an embedded player? Michael P.S. I think the documentaries are fantastic, big thanks to all involved. That's why I'm so eager to be able to watch them!
  7. My four: 1) Echelon - Because Brian sounds like he wants to take game development in a direction that I'm already onboard with. Some of my favourite gaming moments have been due to just the right audio element, triggered at just the right time to pull me completely into the story. Why not extend this experience itself as the basis of a game? Also, less emphasis on graphics could allow it to evolve to be very deep and rich without a colossal budget. 2) Black Lake - because it promises ambience, whimsical art, and immersive story. 3) The White Birch - for the same reasons as Black Lake unless I'm misunderstanding them both. 4) Shine Run - I'm actually not sure I'd get terribly into playing the game itself, but I found Brent's enthusiasm kind of infectious. It also struck a note with me that this would be his first chance to make a game. Assuming we'll get to see some of this process thanks to the awesomeness of 2PP, watching Brent's vision come to life for the first time would be like vicariously making a game ourselves as viewers. As a side-note, because I'm sure Tim's got time to read me blathering on endlessly, I'm a bit of a neophile. So I like games where you're continuously problem-solving then getting new narrative content when you succeed. Adventure/exploration games are my thing rather than ones that rely on hand/eye coordination and repeating similar challenges many times just to get more "points".
  8. The podcast was great, thanks guys. For some reason I'm dying to see the moment where Chris Remo innocently pokes his head in on a tense meeting! Can someone remind me which video update that was in and approximately where it appears?
  9. I voted for this game because I love that you wrote and performed a song for it. Also I like to back the underdog and think that it's great to see such a democratic process where even the IT Manager gets a chance of making a video game!
  10. I too found my curiosity immediately tickled by the pitch for this game. I'm personally very interested in using sound design as a prime means of storytelling, but doing so in such a way that is very interactive with the player/listener. As Brian says, without all the emphasis on graphics it could be quite economic to build something very rich and immersive. From the pitch video it sounds like it might be heading in a slightly retro direction with references to older movies. If this gets made, my hope would be that it doesn't get too caught up in paying tribute to older material with scratchy analog distorted voices and lots of spy-babble. Rather - be a contemporary story with 2012 technology. Also, I like the idea of incorporating lots of ambient environmental sounds to really put you in the game instead of relying totally on lengthy voice conversations. If this was kickstarter-ed, I'd definitely fork out for it!
  11. +1 when does it start? Will Tim keep be giving us updates on Twitter?
  12. The cat in the attic on DOTT took me a while to figure out, but it was just a case of concentrating for one evening and then really satisfying when I got it. Believe it or not, the thing that got me stumped was getting Nurse Edna away from that damn control panel. Playing for brief spurts over about a two week period I was coming up with convoluted ideas about what objects to use with what other objects that gradually got more and more improbable. Finally, I locked myself in my room and was determined not to leave while Nurse Edna was still at the control panel and proceeded to systematically try everything with everything. Then I hit on the solution after a couple of hours - it was deceptively simple.
  13. +1 for loving the documentary and getting a window into the creative process +1 for thinking Tim is awesome. Until now I've only known his games - now I can see there's an actual human responsible for them which just seems to bring all that happy nostalgia back into sharp focus. The story of this game's birth is reward enough, having the final game in my hands will just be icing on the cake. I am happy to see that Tim is trusting his gut - sure it's important to get feedback, but if someone gives you advice you think is bad, discard it immediately. Seriously, it's your party and something tells me you know exactly what you're doing. I wish I had time to immerse myself in all the interesting discussion on here, but I'm afraid I just can't keep up. All the best to the team - I hope you enjoy the process as much as we enjoy watching it. :-)
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