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  1. Aaahhrrg: Monkey Island was of course Ron Gilbert's baby. Tim wrote dialog for it. Please don't kill me internet! Please. I could edit my last post and right my wrongs, thank god.
  2. Hi all. No guilt-tripping intended from my side. The situation is as follows: Paid 15$ for a small game. You guys decided to make a normal-sized game, so those people who paid 15$ should never be forced to pay more. We're on the same page. I just upped my 15$ to 65$ because I feel it's worth it. I don't buy many games (last one was Portal 2), so this decision was easy and maybe not comparable to people who need to be careful with their gaming budget. I am above 30 and have a job, so it was not a big deal for me. Just felt right, you know. I just realized, that I was not aware of the tipping jar, until I searched for a way to up my money, so I thought I could point other people in the same situation as I am to this site. Finito. No guilt-tripping, no flame-war or anything intended. Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle: those were the projects where I think Tim had the creative lead and they were all perfect. So if I saw another adventure on the store shelves I'd pay that amount to buy it. Also Euro/Dollar conversion rate is still advantageous for us germans (ha ha ... oh god, I hope this doesn't cause another flame war. I was just joking, really: http://xkcd.com/386/)
  3. @medacris: Don't worry. We've all been there. Let us oldtimers with fond memories of their childhoods handle the money throwing ;-) In fact, it wasn't all that easy for me, too, because I had to explain to my wife, why I was spending more money for the same thing without somebody forcing me. A concept she couldn't understand ;-) With parents, though, you can't do that.
  4. @ET3D: Flowers and candy on the DF store. Hehe, good one! But talking about a tipping jar in an example of a hot date might take that example too far ;-) About judging the game from what we've seen so far: I think the gamers have changed. Promoting games through trailers has become somewhat of an industrie itself (called the marketing industry). I must say I had many occurrences where the trailer got me all hyped-up and the game just disappointed me, because it played like an interactive trailer. Adventure games on the other hand always got me hyped-up while playing it, while the previews looked not exciting to me. I saw Screenshots of Grim Fandango and didn't like the 3D style. I saw the preview of Full Throttle and thought the setting was weird. But they all went into my hall of fame. I am very confident, that when those Broken Age characters come to life through dialogs and jokes and the storytelling is good, this is when one can judge the game. About my confidence: No adventure game from Tim disappointed me, ever. Never. Always new, always delivered. He never made any sequels and tried to relive past achievements. And the story to Broken Age was written quietly in his room, with no pressure from anyone. This will be good, man ;-)
  5. @Action Newbie: I was joking. Still I think whoever spent money on a video game in general can't be in a situation that bad, that 15$ was a possibility, but increasing to 30$ must be taken from their college funds. You don't have to be in a different financial situation to do 30$ instead of 15$ for a game (although you are right, 60$ might be a bit hefty). One more thing: Of course I am a bit overexited, that I will be playing another adventure from the real people, so my judgement is a bit foggy. Although you can blame DF for not doing a small game, like they said in the Kickstarter, they didn't do it with bad intensions. Now it has happened and it is real and it can't be turned back. Two options for everyone: 1. Feel offended that they didn't plan and do everything right at a complex creative process, which never, literally never, goes according to plan and demand stuff along the lines "You made this mess! Now fix it! I demand it!". 2. Face reality, be done with judgements and see what can be done about it (which happens almost everyday in an investor/company relation). I personally would love to be in a situation where I am legally obliged to take a big game from EA for 15$, but I don't feel good doing this with the DF guys. P.S.: Don't be offended.
  6. Hi all. I just wondered, why the tipping jar is so empty? I did pay 15$ for a small game and will get a fully fledged adventure game, old school? I paid more for Grim Fandango, so I'll pay more for this one. If you'd been expecting an ugly chick for a blind date, you'll be going empty handed. But if you found out, that she was going to be hot, you'd be running for some flowers and candy ... please don't think of Tim while picturing this. If this project is even only paying for itself, I guess DF is going to do another adventure, which will be cheaper to produce, because of the "lessons learned" and the reuse of tech. Please people, tip some more to get this thing over the hill. Don't waste 60$ on "Call of Honor VIII" or "Medal for Duty - War in Albania". Here is the tipping jar: http://www.doublefine.com/dfapay/ BTW: People who paid 15$ or 30$ were responsible for roughly 1.5 Million Dollars of the total KS money. If all of them increase their cheap-ass investment to 60$, it would amount to 2,8 Million additional Dollars.
  7. Since the Ice Level seems to have many people in favor, how would a wind level look like? It should be fun to do a wind level, because you don't see it (the wind) and need to make it visible by i.e. throwing sand in it or redirect the wind through some kind of wind mechanics. BTW: Kites are very popular on Windulon IV.
  8. Hi folks, hope it's not too late to chip in. I was once in a coma for around two weeks straight. Had an accident, where a storm ripped off the top of a tree, which crashed onto the ground (with me between ground and tree ;-). I had THE weirdest dreams in that two weeks. I wrote that experience down a couple of times, but always lost my notes ;-) So if anything could be used in what will be my favorite game of all times, I'll have my memories archived like the Linux Kernel: downloadable from the internet! So here it comes: - I was at war, trying to rescue my grandfather. They had a strange weapon, which, when fired, would let rain arbitrary miniature objects, like trees, phones etc. Those objects looked nice and interesting, but were very volatile. Somehow like they were made out of foam, but still true to the real object. They floated down and when you accidentally touched them, that part of your body would be crippled (disclaimer: I'm not a psycho, that's just what happened in my head ;-). - When I got captured, I was held hostage and coincidentally had the chance to talk to the general in charge, so I had the chance to talk him out of it, with "it" being to press a big red button, which would launch a gigantig version of the weapon, which would destroy a whole city. I did not succeed, because I tried to tell him, that he would be a coward, if he did it. He got angry and pressed the button, after which he ran into that bunker, leaving me outside. - Most parts of my dreams where totally unrelated to each other, so don't try to find a connection (will only hurt your brain ;-): I grew younger instead of older, but my consciousness would stay the same. So in effect, I had memories of the future. The growing younger came in jumps: I was, e.g. 30 years old and after a couple of hours I was like 20 years old and I couldn't tell anyone, because after the jump nobody would remember. The problem was, that at a certain age I couldn't talk anymore because I was a baby. To make the connection to the thread's topic (location you could never go to): I was a little afraid of where I would jump to once I'd pass my day of birth: would my life just stop or would I experience what living beings are, before they are born (because I was retaining my consciousness). WEIRD! - Next: we were animals living in something like a huge clay tubular building, which did not look constructed by men. It looked kind of "cave-ish", only vertical (I could draw a picture, if anyone is interested). It was set in a jungle (felt like amazonas, judging by the humidity). I was a leopard, that could fly (don't know why). Many different groups of animals were living in that tube and needed to get along with each other. In that part of my dream, I was jumping back and forth between two lives: the leopard was one and the other was just a homeless guy on the street. I knew as the homeless guy, that I was jumping back and forth, but did not know how to activate the jumping, so I had to wait until it happened (being the homeless guy sucked btw). I just realized, that writing down these memories turns into one mega post, probably nobody will read. Could anyone tell me, if this thread is still read. Otherwise it doesn't make sense to invest the time. EDIT: Just realized that I didn't scroll to the last page. This is still rolling strong!!! Cool Keep up the great work Double Fine! P.S.: One last "location", that was not part of my coma dream, but just an idea: Our universe with the planets surrounding the sun looks like Bohr's model of the atom. What would we see, if we could zoom out, such that every galaxy becomes an atom? What would they together constitute? Another living being? Much like a leaf of a tree, which looks like the tree itself (recursive style!)?
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