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  1. PLEASE be brutal legend news, I'll cream if it's either DLC or a sequel.
  2. If I find my IPhone I will definitively post a screenshot. It's so sick , it's the only camo I've used.
  3. It's probably going to be full retail price. When they "Indie," they don't mean XBox Live indie. It just means that they currently don't have a publisher.
  4. Dear Double Fine Podcasters; [1.] Would you ever consider a video game that featured a task force consisting of: Teddy Roosevelt [Pirate], A Dragicorn, The Evil Green Power Ranger, the Space Tiger, Jesus, & a giant robot? [2.] Please tell me more of this secret BL faction (maybe you can have a special podcast that explains the truth behind the faction). [3.] I pre-ordered Brutal Legend, & received the special Tenacious D guitar from gamestop. I love the damn thing so much....... Is there a possibility that I can somehow get this guitar in real life? My price range would be from $400-$2000 (it would also be cool for you guys to sell a BL tablature book featuring the video game score & the solos tabbed to perfection).
  5. Sweet, a DLC that provides more story! Double fine should really do this more often (for their current and future games).
  6. stevekhoury [no caps] Xbox360
  7. Jozi


    The thing is; RP threads tend to die out. And they never have enough detail, story, etc.... BTW; I wasn't asking for an official forum. Just a fan one
  8. Jozi


    Is there a Brutal Legend Roleplaying Forum around the internet? If so can you tell me where, if not, you should make one. Why? Because I'm board of playing through the story over and over (I've beaten it 8 times today).
  9. 0.0 Omg, thank you. The music here is just epic, kudo over 9000!!!! Now all I need is the love maker.................
  10. The store needs a Brutal Legend soundtrack for sale. That, or a few signature guitars (either the Clementine, or the Love Maker).
  11. 15$ seems to be a little pricey, especially when most people are only going to play it for one day (I'll play it for weeks)
  12. Yeah I know, it's just that the faction revolves around Technology. Not any specific genre of music,
  13. Hey guys, this isn't a soundtrack discussion thread; this is a thread that revolves around this guys question (which I think should be answered).
  14. Yes but; they're music has a lot of synthesizers (which I had stated before that anything with synth/distortion counts as a branch of their factions music) and what not (why? because their progressive!). Also I would like "Welcome to the Machine" to be the factions theme song, that or Robot Rock.
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