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  1. "This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions. " Can someone please find a proxy so we can watch it?
  2. Please post pictures after you made the modifications!
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up in DLC.
  4. How about something representing 60s rock/90s pop. Something like the singer from the band from the beginning would be good. Oh BTW: Don't say General Lionwhyte, his "glam metal army" was just a clone of Ironhead.
  5. I am still curious about Eddie's background. I want to see that fleshed out more... ...demons don't age you know.
  6. I would love to see the storyline expanded. I felt teased by the ending of the game it needs to be expanded. That black tear left me wondering...
  7. Fangz

    This is a post

    This is a post in which the person states they think otherwise. And that such user that was quoting did not follow proper format. What does that mean? Who is the Milkman? Where is the Milkman?
  8. Fangz

    This is a post

    This is a post. There are many like it across the internet. The very first post on the internet was "ASDFGHJK".They sometimes contain images with cats in awkward positions. They are usually posted from computers, but sometimes by cellphones.
  9. I think part of me died inside when I watched it.
  10. This would most likely be my mind: You start in a graveyards where zombies will attack you. You kill the zombies, but they rise again. Then this creepy man will teach you how to freeze things to kill the zombies. After they are all dead, the moon will lower and a stairway made out of fur would appear. At the very top of it will be a warp pipe. You go down the pipe and you end up in the woods, where many two dimensional boars are. A farmer who is rude to you one minute, and kind to you another will tell you to kill all the boars. After you kill them, you are forced to kill the Gamemaster, who was the farmer in diguse. After that you end up in a mall, where a few more things happen. There will also be a lot of stuff that wouldn't make sense in the mall either, like a guy selling humanoid hearts and floating skulls everywhere. Then you have to get a sword and use your new TK sword power to kill the mighty demon. Other stuff would happen to.
  11. Is it just me, or does this look like a screen shot with photoshop effects added in?
  12. Why does everyone get so upset about a store? Turtle, do you realize that the shirts that don't sell well at Hottopic are shipped either to Walmart or Kohls? Just letting you know.
  13. My favorite quote is: "I am the Milkman. My Milk is delicious."
  14. Video here. Or you can just read the lyrics here if you wanna be really lame. NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP! NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN! NEVER GONNA RUUUUUUN AROUND AND HURT YOU! Thanks for the rick roll.
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