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  1. So when's the documentary for Psychonauts 2 happening? Loved the episode. I'm going to miss getting to see new episodes of all you guys.
  2. I really, really enjoyed this game. It's not quite dethroning Psychonauts as my favorite Double Fine game though. The art, and puzzles were really great. I felt pretty clever solving the song nav puzzle, and the wiring puzzle at the end gave me a Fez vibe which I enjoyed a lot. I wish they could have explained Shay's parents being human though. I really wasn't buying the explanation. I think putting in something explicit saying that they had to be separated or something would have made it more plausible. I didn't really mind them reusing the environment assets for act 2, but I would have liked at least one more new area. I realize though that it was kind of necessary to get the game done. Overall though good job, and I hope you guys get a break.
  3. When is this episode going to be on YouTube? I feel like this one in particular could be really good PR.
  4. I'll be honest and say that when the games were pitched this really wasn't on my radar, but after playing it I definitely think it was the most interesting game! I think if any Amnesia games should go into full production it should be this one.
  5. Squib01

    Days 4 & 5

    Like fire! Bellefire! This fire in my skin!
  6. Are the work weeks there usually 40 hours when not in crunch?
  7. Ugghh, I would totally do some models if I wasn't so busy. I'm curious what kind of art style you envisioned Patrick. How cartoony or realistic were you thinking?
  8. What is the process of making the rigs for all the characters? Is there a base rig that each character starts with that is refined for the character or is there another process?
  9. This was an awesome, informative post! Please do more technical posts in the future. They are really interesting to me.
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