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  1. Your first adventure game?

    Monkey Island 2, than Physikus, than... I think Monkey 1, some fan stuff linked to MI, Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis, The great mytological Tentacle... and than all the old Lucasart collection in a various order (Loom, Zak, Maniac Mansion... and so on)
  2. - The possibility to have 4 - 5 things to do, in the order that I want - Hidden Max - A MAP with so so many different locations - A clever use of the "inventory combos": to combine objects in original but efficient way - No Hints icons, all those little drawings (often 2 gears) that say to the player how objects are important and how not; I have to EXPLORE and THINK, not to be taken by my hand through a flowers path ... mmm, what a metaphore - Recursive puzzles: I enjoy sooo much when I find something during the story, with the implicit feeling that will be helpful in future... and when that happens... "YEAH! FINALLY I HAVE TO USE THAT/ GO THERE ! I'M A GENIUS ! ", with wide movements of my arms to show my happiness - a potato - a wrench - great ironic dialogs, where I have only the idea of what the protagonist will say (like in sam and max the first one) - in case of multiple chars, the possibility to have a specific action to everyone... a bit like the kick of Ben The Polecat, but different for everyone - I'm Italian, so I have to say "put an Ossobuco", too