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  1. Act 2 feels like a real adventure game, you did it! Going back and forth, actually solving puzzles, literal "ah ha!' moments, getting stuck, great dialog!
  2. Before the next Amnesia Fortnight, and only Tim knows when that is.
  3. Backer updates have been ongoing (I know, backer only info sucks). DF has thus far avoided setting a hard date (I assume to not upset people if they miss it),, but from what I can tell it looks like before Christmas 2014 is the date they need to hit.
  4. Same, I get emails, always the best emails to get after a long day.
  5. Yeah, but really though, Documentary Production Status is lagging by over an episode. Is it deprecated?
  6. The DF version of Moai has some pretty heavy modification done to it. It uses a custom SDL2 backend and loads data from a custom format (Moai normally uses zip, theirs loads some custom data blob). At times their functions look a lot like the source, and at other times you are looking at totally different branching. Can you get "os.execute" to run? Considering these games have yet to be multiplayer or read user created/downloaded content, I bet they have some unchecked input in their Moai calls. If you do find something unchecked, please forward it in a responsible disclosure way up to DF. They might want to fix it should they ever release something which reads untrusted content from the net.
  7. The twitch streams did a fantastic job of directing people to youtube, I think it was just the actual AF page on HB which failed to link to them.
  8. Pajama Sam: You are what you eat from your head to your feet is one of the best adventure games I have ever played. "Too childish" is not really a thing, perhaps just "too easy".
  9. Its bound to both M L and P actually (Found it via the lua scripts)
  10. Materials are how the surface reacts to light, textures are just colours. Sometimes, a material will have multiple textures brought in to act as other kinds of "maps" for the material. For example, you might have a texture which tells the material where to be shiny. You might have a texture which tells the material what colors to be. Bring them together, along with some math for the actual interaction with the light and you have a material. Here is an orange fruit material: http://www.minimaexpresion.es/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/20121025_piel_naranja_1_0.jpg You will notice the bumps from the orange naturally interact with the lighting, the shinyness, the shading..and below it is just a flat plane with just the diffuse (color) texture (and a shadow from the orange above it). The bumps themselves are usually brought in from a grayscale (sort of, it could be a normal map as well) texture.
  11. I think 2PP also said they would have a play day ep available as well.
  12. Indeed, it would be interesting if the entire staff had an internal vote..in which they had to vote for one games other than their own (first, second, and third choice). That game would then get picked as the "staff pick" game, along with the online pick games.
  13. Last year they had them available by tomorrow. They had builds working, but had some changes to make in order to make them downloadable and not debug builds..etc.
  14. Remember that time you found out you cannot delete the threads you make on the DF forums? Man, good times.
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