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  1. And when/if it happens i will open up a new Thread titled "Tim you rascal, you!" with something like "What a genious way to set up blabla" inside the Body Potion of it. BUT FOR NOW i judge the Produkt i've recived on its own and for now it is just a gag/lil vignette/methaphor for Vella becomming a woman and coming of age/whatever you want it to be. I have no faith in video Game Developers and never listen to the "Hey, it will be bether we promise!" Talk
  2. Have you played the WadjetEye games? Blackwell games are truly great.
  3. The game had absolutely ZERO red Herrings! I remember spending an hour in GF trying to construckt the perfect Haiku, cuz i thought i could impress the Hipsters that way
  4. Something was missing The are 4 columns of awesomness that support my love for adventure gaming. Only two are strong and have stable Footing Beautifull and ubique World = Check Interesting and loveble Charakters = Check Great Writing = Kinda Check. I think Vellas decisions is not constant with the brainwashed World she is living in. Yes, she is unique and interesting. But why is she the way she is? I think a couple of scenes showing us her close relationship to her Granpa would make her motivation seem clearer. The "I am the smartest motherf*cker in the world!" - Feeling = Nope!
  5. I think MusicallyInspired is right. You can`t test an Adventure Game the same way you test Call of Duty or something. I think almost everyone including me would play much "dumber" while playing under the eye of some judgementall Dudes and Gals furiously taking notes I think they schould give the not finished builds to the people like Chris Remo. Allow to play them at home and give them Notes on the next day or something.
  6. Even Walking Dead had moments(parking Lot, the TV and Radio Bits) on the same Level of Puzleness as Broken Age. And Walking Dead is widely recognized as a Interactive Story Game. It doesent matter what Tim says, his game speaks much lauder then his Words.
  7. How could they misjudge those 90,000? I would think Everyone backing a "Classic" PnC Adventure would be pleased with a... well... a PnC adventure and not an interactive Storybook. I really think the new Telltale money kinda made them somewhat rething their aproach. Instead of pleasing the 90000 they tried to please the millions of potential new Customers. And just to be clear. I am glad i backed this Game. I loooove the Art and the Charakters. With better UI and Grim Fandango like Puzles Broken Age would be easily one of the all time Greats! Thats why i am so dissapointed! Its like a curse with DF there is always something keeping their games from true Greatness. Psychonauts - Meat Circus - stupid Arrowhead collecting = true Greatness. Brutal Legend + real side Quests = true Greatness. Broken Age - Smartphone UI + Some Puzles = true Greatness
  8. I think this exact Poll should be send to all Backers trough email or something.
  9. DF has more than enough creative and smart people to design a Game with interesting and somewhat challenging Puzles. WadjetEye does that and those guys run on a much tighter Budget. It was a conscious and greedy decision by Tim to design an easy game.
  10. I agree. The ladder and seagull bits were the only parts i would even call puzles. All the other stuff was just to simple.
  11. Grim Fandango is IMO the most beautiful game ever. It would be ecstatic if DF could deliver something in the same ballpark.
  12. Scooby-Doo Mysteries for the GENESIS A surprisingly good PnC with some cool gameplay ideas(Scooby independently walks around the screen and points at relevant objects. This somewhat reduces the pixel hunting, which would be the killer for a console only game) and a great look(A huge DotT ripoff )
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