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  1. I too hope to see DF pry open the AF box once again this year.
  2. Well it is logical that there will be an opportunity to pre-order the game (and thus falling into the sales side of the equation, giving investors a return) at some point. There's nothing that says they couldn't implement a "slacker backer" alternative by having a limited time pre-order bonus (example: preorder before 1/1/17 for psychonauts 1 & 2 soundtracks). I know it's a long way off, but if Amazon will let me pay for Kingdom Hearts 3, I don't see why Psychonauts 2 couldn't be done. Although this may be a bad idea for them to do from a business and public image perspective.
  3. I haven't been able to watch episode 3 yet so maybe it's already been fixed, but I was catching up on episode 2 and I noticed something. Most capture devices have a slight delay in getting the feed, and results in the people in the facecam reacting to things just a second ahead of what we see. Tim goes "ahh tricky!" right before a robot shoots a rocket at him in close range, and things like that.
  4. I hope there's another Dev's play speedrun showcase, I loved that in season 1. Might be hard to find a good game for it though.
  5. I'm not even a fan but that video seemed so genuine I want to root for him. #Jamesinpsychonauts2
  6. Well I was bummed out by that until I remembered we are 11/12 of the way through 2015 already. Looking forward to hearing about future AFs and more Doublefine goodness.
  7. Question for DF Kee: is DF Lee your alter ego? and if so which one of you is the evil one? He does have the alphabetical advantage over you. Question for DF Lee: Will we ever have to deal with challenges such as our head running out of fuel or navigating high/low gravity zones? or is it focused os other types of platforming? (err head-jetting)
  8. I tried looking through the pile of Harm'ny's junk expecting to see a classic max head or something, but I didn't notice anything that was a reference.
  9. Same. It felt like a relief, I already did that puzzle twice, I didn't want to spend time on ANOTHER config, and there it was marked and eveything. Just took one fail to realize which colors went where.
  10. If you look at the paper on the wall by the door in Alex's ship, it has the same pattern Shay used to go to "Danger Zone 5" (Shellmound) but it looks like sheet music, and Alex talks about how his ship was used musical navigation while Shay's was based on knitting. Then if you talk to Alex (or maybe you have to use the pitch pipes on him) he will play the song that he "used to return to where he last was". I don't think the line about musical navigation was repeated after you first heard it, that could have been your problem.
  11. How many of us 3 years ago when we backed thought we would ever get 20 episodes spanning nearly 3 years? The documentary has been my reward for all that time, an exciting update to look forward to every couple of months, but I don't remember what I got for christmas 3 years ago. My investment has been returned as far as the documentary is concerned, share it with the world. Also huge shoutout to the 2PP guys, you guys are great for sticking with this project for so long. How great was it to have things like Amensia Fortnite come out of having 2PP around? Those were seriously the best. (I hope after Broken Age finishes we can see Amensia Fortnite 2015The return of Bad Golf)
  12. I was very frustrated at this puzzle and eventually gave in to looking at a guide. The problem was that I WAS walking around planting in different spots, then I would walk over there and it would point in the opposite direction as I replanted trying to decide which tunnel it was pointing at. All I knew was NE of screen pointed SW, S pointed W, NW pointed SE, W pointed E. Then I got stuck into thinking it was a lost woods style puzzle and I need to go through them in the right order, then I tried taking the sign with me each time and planting immediately after exiting the tunnel. The animation was annoying to watch again and again, and the answer to the puzzle felt cheap, it doesn't feel like putting the sign in that spot should do anything. I think I would have liked it better if Manny said something after unsuccessfully going through the tunnels, "I don't think I'm getting anywhere through there" or "All these paths just lead back here". Something to give the clue that the tunnels couldn't be brute forced.
  13. Perhaps you could make it so markers appear over the last 4 enemies heads (visible even if in fog).
  14. Good stuff! Can't wait to see how these changes improve it. But I must mention my greatest disappointment, when can we get the final battles music hooked up? It feels so barren without the smooth tunes the rest of the game has.
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