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  1. I did a drawing of my favorite Broken Age character in celebration of the launch of act 2! I already posted this on Twitter, but I figured I'd throw it up here as well.
  2. Haha, this is like when Trump tried to pressure Obama to give out his birth certificate. Tim can't respond to this, that'll make him look like a pushover that will just answer any enraged fanboy.Isn't gonna work.
  3. Did I totally miss some dialogue? Or do you just want him to be a talking character in act 2? He talks before mom shows up at the very beginning.
  4. she seemed sceptical of the whole situation in general, I don't think she ever wanted to go through with it, her grandpa merely sparked the idea of how she could avoid going through it. What seemed to be the thing with Vella is she was a very unlikely choice for a sacrifice, so the thing I was wondering about is why did she get chosen when she was such an unlikely sacrifice and completely contrasted the other maidens. I had no trouble seeing her motivation, I was more curious about the motivation of the other maidens, I can't imagine a 16 year old girl that would sacrifice herself for her parents just cause they said so.
  5. What? that's the opposite of what he said, he said usually they would have to think about that stuff and how they could change the format. However when they did this kickstarter they realized they liked the way it usually is and they don't have to care about making someone who loves shooters enjoy the game.
  6. you dissagree that everything has to serve a purpose? that is surreal. I don't like easy puzzles, I like hard puzzles. But I think they have to serve a purpose. Puzzle for puzzle sake is stupid. Nor do I want everyone to agree with me, I just want to stay on topic. Instead of every topic turning into the same topic. What's the point of that?
  7. just because I value a character in one situation doesn't mean I overall believe story should trumph puzzles in a puzzle game. I believe in this one instance it was a nice change of pace to see a nice character in a genre that's full of assholes that always want something from you. Nor do I believe puzzles should forcefully be implemented either, I believe they should work in perfect synergy, if theres no purpose for there to be a puzzle there, why should there be a puzzle, you don't just add obsticles for the sake of obsticles in a story and I don't think you should add puzzles for the sake of puzzles either. Everything has to serve a purpose. I feel no hostility towards you, if anything I'm slightly annoyed that not a single positive thread gets to remain positive and has to be incessently bickered about for several pages, I mean I'd think theres enough threads for the people who feel it didn't work, I'd imagine one for the people who did think it worked isn't too much to ask. I love a debate, I just feel having different topics all lead into the same debate seems rather pointless and wish that there could be just one without the exact same debate.
  8. you're allowed to dissagree all you want, but I don't think it felt like an interactive cartoon at all, it felt like a classic adventure game and I loved it. Much like I love monkey Island 1-3 or broken sword, and so on. And you can claim that I don't care about the puzzles all you want, but that's simply not true. I just dissagree that they're easier than the oldschool adventure game ones. Less elaborate, sure, easier? no. And you're allowed your opinion,but I'd appreciate if you stop putting words in my mouth. I've at no point said story above puzzles and as far as I can see, nor has anyone else in this thread. There could be less puzzles where they just give you things, I don't however think M'ggies should be one of them, cause she seemed like a really nice person who just wanted a friend. The way she'd say hi to you regardless of starting dialog with her and so on, it was charming and something you don't usually see in adventure games, and I enjoyed it. And you can argue that all you want, but it's not gonna change how much I enjoyed it and think that in that one instance it should not be changed, and if it was changed it to me would be out of character for her.
  9. I really liked that M'ggie just gave me the ladder, she was an actual genuinely nice character in an adventure game, those are rare. And it was a pleasant surprise. I don't argue that other puzzles could have been more elaborate though, like the cloud shoes one.
  10. are they though? I'm a huge adventure game fan, played them ever since I was a kid, but I never played monkey island 2 before the hd remix came out, and that took me about the same amount of time if not less than broken age and I struggled less aswell. I don't mean to run this thread off the road btw, it's just a question I ask myself with seeing how many people say that these games were so much harder, I really don't think they were. I think I was just less experienced when I played them, I played monkey island 3 for like a month. I don't think I would have had I played it for the first time today. And I do believe Double fine very much tried to strike a balance between pleasing it's backers and bringing new fans to the adventure game genre and breathe new life into it.
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