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  1. "Original Soundtrack" is a really, really common term and even for people unfamiliar with it, it seems pretty self explanatory if you give it a moments thought. And hey, if it did catch you off guard it's not the most expensive way to learn this lesson.
  2. I like Young Monsters. I get the feeling it's referring more to the two main characters and the monstrous things they may inadvertently do in their attempts to free themselves.
  3. It's true that the animations are always progressing in some way, but it's not a uniform advancement. They might get a bunch of supporting cast animations done in a sprint, or maybe they decide to add rough versions of new animations before refining old ones, whatever. The head turn might not get fleshed out until the very end for all we know. At any rate, critique is never pointless. I get people to play early builds of my projects for mini QA sessions all the time. While most of what they say is in regards to stuff I'm aware of and plan on fixing or changing already, it still helps me get a bearing on what is in most need of my attention and even how I should go about changing it. As long as it's constructive, feedback of any kind is invaluable.
  4. I recommend reading what this Steven Kilpatrick guy said. Everyone seems to have ignored him. I'll even quote him so you don't have to scroll up. Read it over and over until it really sinks in, because he's right, and you all need to just chill out instead of rehashing the same complaints over and over with increasingly tragic prose. (I'd put a smiley face here to show I don't mean to sound too harsh, but I hate those things.)
  5. I think using the term "RTS" at all is the biggest thing keeping people from understanding the stage battles. It's more like squad based point control, or something, but people hear RTS and there's this big shift in their whole approach to the game. They can't even see it as it's own thing anymore after that. Basically if you aren't rolling around with a big warband and staying on the ground to buff your troops and take advantage of double-team attacks, you're doing it wrong. The game just never actually spells it out that you can't fly around, giving orders from the air all the time and expect them to do well without you. A huge shocker that you play stage battles just like the rest of the single player game apart from telling guys to follow you, right?
  6. I've encountered a few graphical issues. Lars' forearm geometry collapses during the campfire scene when Eddie and Ophelia first reach Bladehenge. I didn't get a screenshot there, but but the roadies have a similar weighting issue during their intro scene that I did capture: http://i.imgur.com/rNfha5v.jpg Lita has a stray poly stretching out of her neck for the duration of the scene where Eddie gets his wings: http://i.imgur.com/0r1kymg.jpg I think others may have posted this one before, but Lyonwhite's hair is defying the laws of physics a little more than usual when he first shows up: http://i.imgur.com/sj4xO8Y.jpg He also got locked in a T pose halfway through a stage battle. http://i.imgur.com/o0qcxGJ.jpg And some of the headbangers at the beach party are clipping into the ground. I reloaded a few times to make sure it wasn't random. I'm guessing whatever they're supposed to be seated on failed to spawn? http://i.imgur.com/2Fw3yW6.jpg
  7. Yeah, your soul sounds like a fair trade. This game is incredible. I did my stealth run first and now I'm playing through again going completely batshit, dropping ten guys at once with the time spell and pistol, blinking up to tallboys to cut their heads off and summoning swarms of rats in the middle of rich people's parties... So, so fun.
  8. Man, not watching this until I got all my work done for the week was hard. Great stuff.
  9. Yeah, right -.-They'd only get sued six ways to Sunday. Entirely possible, but FROM did alright with their little "spiritual successor" to Demon's Souls. I don't know the details of that arrangement, but from this end it looks like a pretty clean way to jump publishers. You're still probably right, but one can dream.
  10. How about a spiritual successor? I'd love to see a *not*sequel, in the same way that Dark Souls is the *not*sequel to Demon's Souls. It'd get rid of that pesky GFWL blight that a straight Iron Brigade 2 would have, as well. /end wishful thinking
  11. A garden shed with shelves along the walls filled with creepy decorative gnomes that move when you aren't looking. An elderly German man's houseboat. An Irish pub infested with snakes. (escaped from the snake farm, perhaps? Painful St. Patrick jokes are a must when driving them out) A retired explorer's yard sale. A horse race track and betting offices with a very loose idea of what really constitutes a horse. The site of a LARP club's silly pretend war that gets a little too personal. (CLUE style murder mystery side quest?) A shantytown of refrigerator box "houses" occupied by homeless software engineers. A run down ski lodge operated by a cultured Sasquatch who never misses his afternoon tea, but can't seem to figure out the whole wearing pants thing. An abandoned train yard roundhouse that is host an underground thumb wrestling league that operates like an illegal prize fighting ring. A traveling flea circus set up behind a gas station. A china shop operated by a cautious but quick-tempered bull. The set of a giant monster movie with a destroyable miniature cityscape. A huge compost heap with a forest of mold growing out of it. An old folks home for aging hair metal and glam rock bands. A pirate talk radio station broadcasting from a trailer park in the desert. A Viking themed miniature golf establishment that has offended a real Viking.
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