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  1. The group is public, so everyone can join! Just follow the links or search for us!
  2. Greetings, fellow adventure fans and thank you for taking the time to read this shameless plug. The Children of the Adventure Renaissance is a Steam group for adventure gamers, we've been active for some time now and we've managed to reach out to over 450 adventure gamers! We've been lobbying for Steam to accept more adventure games to their catalog and we'd like to think it's working. But other than that it's just a really great community where you can find like-minded people. We've also got our own Greenlight collection, which we regularly update to include all the new submissions. It was the first adventure game collection and is the 16th most popular collection on Greenlight. (Sadly, however, 2 other collections have done better for some reason) And we'll keep you up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry regarding adventure games, new releases on Steam, adventure games featured in indie bundles, etc, through anouncements. We hope to see you join our community! The Children of the Adventure Renaissance Greenlight collection
  3. Now that's great inprovement over that freakish hellspawn concept lumberjack shown earlier. This is like his nicer brother, I just hope he doesn't put that sole-less grin on again.
  4. I love the seamless transition from foreground to background (or vice-versa). And it warms my heart to see these kind of dialogue options again. That lumberjack still freaks me out though.
  5. This character look freaky, with his static smile and HUGE bead-eyes. Especially when he looks left and right, that's the stuff of my nightmares guys.
  6. My first adventure game was "Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside" by Humongous Entertainment. I was 4 and my parents probably bought it because they were marketed as children adventures. They really were great, everywhere you clicked something happend, something funny for the kids or something completely random for the older players. I still enjoy playing through it from time to time. It even gets harder every time you play through it. The art direction is also amazing, the whole "world of darkness" just breathes and is beautifull to look at. The characters have great personallity and they never bore you. The same goes for the other games from the stables of Humongous Entertainment, like Freddy Fish and Put-Put. This is one disc I am never getting rid off and will always be nostalgic to me.
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