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  1. This will most likely be the last double fine project I back
  2. Can't wait for act 2! Also I think you forgot that a lot of people are sitting on the fence and waiting for Act 2 before they buy the game. I personally know 3 people doing exactly that. If you handle the embargo and review thing a little better this time so you can match reviews with launch, you'll get a second win. Best of luck Red's team
  3. So I've been following the talk of the internet after VGX, and I think... Double Fine actually managed to pull this off like a pro. Broken Age was received not just good, many, many people are saying it was the highlight of VGX. Citing the story, fantastic art and professional voice acting as the reason they finally paid any attention to it. There's a ton of people who's comments on a slew of different sites are saying they never heard of the game, or they heard about it but forgot, but that they are now very excited to purchase it. Great work Schafer and crew, it takes a very special game to get todays gamers interested in an adventure game, and I think you actually pulled it off!
  4. I think I'm in love with that woman from Pop Sound Can't wait for the game, good work guys.
  5. Had to watch this before I headed to work! Can't wait to play the game, looks different but very good, which is exactly what I wished for.
  6. I really liked this episode, I liked the previous ones as well but this one stands out, I think it might be because it comes across as more personal than the others. I guess it lies in an artists nature to be very open about themselves. I like the direction this game is headed as well.
  7. Weightless space Rooftops Comet Shooting star Inside someones head Fishbowl Sound of music hilltop setting with Julie Andrews replaced by a deep voiced lumberjack singing "the trees are alive with the sound of chop chop"... wait, what were we talking about again?
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